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Creativity has always been a way of life for me… My job as a performing arts teacher depends on it… But I had lost my way personally, particularly since having children. For several years, I was feeling a deep sense of creative despair, wanting to be creative, wanting to make and create but feeling guilt and a lack of direction. Almost a year ago, I decided to reclaim my inner maker and began bit by bit to carve out time alone to read, write, craft and create. It was a series of baby steps and along the way, I began to discuss creativity with Amy. Her and I met for a Growing Roots session where we exchanged ideas about creativity, and the challenges and possibilities for weaving it within the act of mothering, teaching and self-care. Our session (and her follow up notes) has been an instrumental source of support and acceptance, as well as a concrete way of locating my next creative steps and projects. For now, I move forward, navigating this path of maker/mother/teacher knowing she will be there again when I need a mirror to hold up and see myself clearly.

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Danielle Dorion - Actor/Musician/Fashion Blogger

I have known Amy for two and a half years now, and during that time she has always been a true support system for me!

Amy genuinely has your best interest at heart. She listens gently and patiently while you talk, and will ask just the right questions, to make you look at life differently when you're feeling stuck.

Amy helps you uncover hidden desires you had no idea were there! I am now blogging about fashion due to her help and guidance-something which brings a lot of joy to my life, that I never expected to be doing. 

Amy tells it like it is, while staying positive, compassionate and encouraging. Thank You Amy!

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Jeremy Lai