Aren Morris - Performing Arts

Creativity has always been a way of life for me… My job as a performing arts teacher depends on it… But I had lost my way personally, particularly since having children. For several years, I was feeling a deep sense of creative despair, wanting to be creative, wanting to make and create but feeling guilt and a lack of direction. Almost a year ago, I decided to reclaim my inner maker and began bit by bit to carve out time alone to read, write, craft and create. It was a series of baby steps and along the way, I began to discuss creativity with Amy. Her and I met for a Growing Roots session where we exchanged ideas about creativity, and the challenges and possibilities for weaving it within the act of mothering, teaching and self-care. Our session (and her follow up notes) has been an instrumental source of support and acceptance, as well as a concrete way of locating my next creative steps and projects. For now, I move forward, navigating this path of maker/mother/teacher knowing she will be there again when I need a mirror to hold up and see myself clearly.

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