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After a very hot summer in Nova Scotia (avg between 28-40 degrees C with humidity) on days on end, I am more than happy to be moving into Autumn cripsness. Although as I speak, the past two days have been 28 degrees C and only dipping down into the teens overnight. (note: this was written second last week of September…delayed due to Spotlight post & various personal events)

Here is a ‘coles notes’ work update:


Brought clarity and insight into my next steps both professional and personally. After a challenging Spring of raw interactions and professional setting circumstances, it’s empowering to know that with showing up, comes a continual growth.

This clarity was what I was hoping and aching for.


Brings new projects & possible contracts

A Research / Writing project on my Paternal Grandmother

I will be focusing the majority of my writing time on my grandmother Joan Francis Gooddday Lugar. Who she was, what she did and why I find her life story one that needs to be shared.


Looking to expand the words project.


Joining with Claire Fraser, the Spotlight Series will be expanding into something more in a video / documentary format.
Stay tuned!

Freelance Screenwriting

Accepting contracts and opportunities when feasible.

LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2018

Sweater weather is here!!

We got to the beach so many times this summer and it’s only enforced our full enjoyment of getting out and enjoying the best of what each season has to offer.

Autumn Goals:

Crisp Walks


As the weather get’s colder and rains more in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it’s easy to want to stay inside, but that is a total cop out. There are still plenty of sunny and or overcast days that can be enjoyed. Getting out for those crisp Autumnal walks are a must. Hot coffee or hot chocolate for the walk didn't hurt anyone either.


Autumn is the season where our city’s Swing Dance Society starts back up in ‘full swing’. As much as we can, we are going to try to attend events and get some of those beautiful dance opportunities in.


Summer is not the end of S’mores. There are still plenty of nights where S’more dip or Traditional S’mores can be had.

Flannels / Blankets

Switch to flannels and pull out the cozies. We are in full blown cuddle mode over here.


Getting a few autumn scented candles and some plain ones are a great way to make Hygge happen in the home.

LIFESTYLE | Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2018

Top Centre - Clockwise: Blue tank top | Frenchies, Blue / White striped Dress | Banana Republic, China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan | Indigo, Blue T-Shirt Dress | The Gap, Blue dress | Second Hand from Jasmine Alexander, ‘Faux’ Lipstick | Mac, ‘There in Heartbeat Necklace’ | Bryan Anthonys from Jasmine Alexander, Blue Tank top | , Folded up Black romper | The Gap, Sleep Aromatherapy Body Cream | Bath and Body Works, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop | Bench, White and Yellow Striped Scarf | Indigo, Starfish Keds | Softmoc, Nutragena SPF moisturizer | Shoppers Drug Mart, Joggers | Roots, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser | Sephora, Green Shorts | The Gap, Tribe Engraved bracelet | From the bestie Nicole Payzant, Jean Shorts | H&M, Off White Jersey Summer Dress | H&M, Lagom Book | Indigo, White silk Tank | Bootlegger


Can you tell what colours I like by now?

This summer I finally felt like I had a fully well developed capsule wardrobe to pull out for the summer.

What I Added

Banana Republic Blue Striped Dress : Bought for the purpose of wearing to the Wedding Shower I was hosting as a Maid of Honour, and for any future special summer events that happen in our coastal city / atmosphere.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Tank : I wear my two yoga tops on a weekly rotation and one is loosing it’s appeal, I thought adding something motivational and different for my ‘spring/summer’ workouts would be a great boost and also practical way to get me motivated.

Roots Joggers : I looked high and low. It could be that I was looking in the late spring into summer, but even still the joggers I found for women were either too cheap / thin in fabric or had insane detailing that ruined the look. I do not want ‘rips’ pre-made into my joggers thank-you….let’s leave those for the girlfriend / boyfriend jeans! Roots joggers although expensive on the outset, I imagine, will last me many years. They are plush, cozy, durable and make me feel attractive. There are many a rainy day or Sunday early writing morning that I don’t want to be in jeans or yoga pants. These are a great alternative, & admittedly, my husband is glad that I am not stealing his joggers to wear on a damp day!

H&M dress : insanely cheap. This jersey dress cost me about $18 give or take , has pockets and flows perfectly. Being short in stature with ample sized breasts, most dresses that hang without some sort of form to it make me look pregnant, but this one doesn’t! It has just the right shape to indicate my body shape underneath and also just enough flow to feel like I can be out and about with a more relaxed posture.

Bootlegger White silk Tank: I bought this knowing I wanted it for work occasions. Although it is a bit low in the cleavage area I have found that when I wear it, I only have to be aware when I am bending down and in awkward positions. Of course, being a mom, that seems like all the time, but wearing this to events has been a a confidence booster. White in the summer is such a breeze.

What I am thinking of letting go of

The blue dress that Jasmine has in my closet that we have shared through out the years has a slight rip near the top of the back. I am reticent to get rid of it, even though I know it is not fixable (The fabric is sheer there and just not worth my time to fix it, although this specific dress has certainly given Jasmine and I years of wear and memories.)

What isn’t pictured here:

Swim suit, flip flips, runners, workout shorts, pyjamas.

LIFESTYLE | Summer Favourites 2018

Succulent Terrarium

We made a terrarium a couple years back but (SOMEONE ...ahem... not me...) over watered it, so we had to dump it.  This late Spring early Summer we started anew with these beautiful new succulents from The Flower Shop.

Beach Towels

Since 2011 we have been using old Beach Towels of mine and Jeremy's parents.  This year I waited for a sale on these Luxurious oversized towels at Bed Bath and Beyond.  No regrets.

China Rich Girlfriend

#2 in the Crazy Rich Asians Series, this book lives up to it's expectations.  Funny, true and insightful.

Beach Rocks

Collecting beach rocks is a way of anchoring ones soul to the ocean.  Hopefully this year I will get around to painting these.

Starfish Keds

Walking everywhere in these shoes.

Morning Breeze by Juke Ross

Something about this song gets to me.

"Take all your things and take the past with you, Your selfish ways I cant wait to loose. I'm… With the morning Breeze, I was right by your side But your arms released me, now I'm flying high..."


Reading this book during the summer months has been a sort of meditation.  Remember not to take life so seriously and take it one section at a time.

Yellow Striped Scarf

I have had this scarf since 2010 from Indigo, and it continues to inspire me in the summer months.

Aromatherapy Sleep Body Cream

This is an affective cream for calming the senses.

Other favourites:

The Good Place - For the extreme laughs & character development.
Mad Men - Re-watching this series is so much more impactful at age 29 then when we first watched it.  Let's be honest, 10 years ago we watched it for Don Draper (Jon Hamm), now, with new eyes we watch it for Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss)
S'more Dip - For that seasonal snack
Nova 7 Wine -  This one in particular

LIFESTYLE | Want S'mores?

One of our favourite summer time indulgences ...

S'more Dip

Oven safe bowls / skillets
Chocolate Chips
Grahm Crackers
Large Marshmallows

1. Heat the oven to 400 degrees

2. Butter the bottom of the oven dish & add enough chocolate chips that cover the bottom and add as much depth of chips as you would like.

3. Cover chocolate chips with marshmallows.

4.Put in 400 degree oven and let bake until marshmallows are turning light brown. 

5. Let cool for a few minutes and then begin dipping with crackers. 



WORK | Summer 2018

Coming out of our first of a few planned small vacations / staycations I have been refreshed.

I stumbled onto a moment that triggered me to remember a moment almost four years back.  I took a moment to sit down on my regular walk in a little alcove that always seems a bit too magical for the everyday routine.  

As I sat down and looked around me I was reminded of the day that created me to write this: 
 "Wellness Wednesday: Captivation"

"Open your eyes today, this week, this month.  Keep ready for a moment that captivates you, and sink into it.  Sink deep into the waters of your spirit.  Listen to it.  What is the whisper that tries so hard to cry out?"

It is so easy to let the pressures of what we want to see happen, what you thought would happen, what you dream of and how it turns out differently, or even when you are left with nothing to hold on to be the filter in which we perceive our lives. 

Yet when I look at this moment that happened years ago and what I know of now, what I didn't know then.  What I have now, what I didn't have then.  What I lost, what I gained... it all is a captivating and arresting truth...

So I am going into this Summer with my eyes open, personally and especially professionally at what captivates me.  Taking those truths and moving them forward one small action at a time. 

My real work is to stay open to the journey and keep my eyes open to what is around me. 


What captivates me today?

Deep conversations with creative women.

Raw and exciting story telling with authentic humour that leaks out of it.  

Trying new ideas and learning along the way. 


LIFESTYLE | Winter Toddler Capsule Wardrobe 2018
  Top Centre Clockwise:  Pink Striped Shirt |  Zara,  Taupe Dress |  Zara,  White winter hat |  H&M,  Winter jacket |  Joe Fresh,  Pink Boots |  Joe Fresh,  Pink Pom Pom |  Bib & Tucker,  White Cable knit sweater |  Carters , Grey Dream Big Shirt |  Carters,  Ice Skating Sticker Book |  Indigo,  White Cable knit Mittens |  H&M,  Winter Girls leggings |  The Gap,  Nordic Leggings |  The Gap,  Merry & Bright Shirt |  Carters,  Today Book |  Indigo,  Grey Zip Sweater |  The Gap,  Winter graphic shirts |  Carters,  Red Horse Pyjamas |  The Bay,  Water colours |  Micheals ,  Paint Brushes | Korea, Fisher Price Dollhouse people |  from my childhood,   Buiscuit Book series |  Gift from Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle Neil

Top Centre Clockwise: Pink Striped Shirt | Zara, Taupe Dress | Zara, White winter hat | H&M, Winter jacket | Joe Fresh, Pink Boots | Joe Fresh, Pink Pom Pom | Bib & Tucker, White Cable knit sweater | Carters, Grey Dream Big Shirt | Carters, Ice Skating Sticker Book | Indigo, White Cable knit Mittens | H&M, Winter Girls leggings | The Gap, Nordic Leggings | The Gap, Merry & Bright Shirt | Carters, Today Book | Indigo, Grey Zip Sweater | The Gap, Winter graphic shirts | Carters, Red Horse Pyjamas | The Bay, Water colours | Micheals , Paint Brushes | Korea, Fisher Price Dollhouse people | from my childhood,  Buiscuit Book series | Gift from Great Aunt Susan and Great Uncle Neil

This was such a fun capsule to grow.  

From last year, her snow gear all still fit aside from the hat and mittens.  A quick jaunt to H&M for the next size up was all we needed to do to make sure she had all her snow gear ready.

Christmas pyjamas and a Christmas dress were a must for me to have for her.  There is something so special about having a special pair of pyjamas and a special outfit for the holidays.

For christmas, we gave her first shopping request.  The pink pom pom stuffy.  It took me by such surprise when she pointed to it and asked to buy it.  Of course this being in October when she saw it, I had so much fun tucking it away for christmas.  She and anyone who see's it gets a good laugh.

Another hit was her Dollhouse gift for Christmas.  Which, let's be honest was mine.  My mom stored my 1990's fisher price dollhouse and ALL, and I mean ALL of it's accessories.  Z has no idea how much more to the dollhouse there is.  Every special occasion we are gifting or rather 're gifting' the accessories to the house and she cannot get enough. 

"You play with my dollhouse with me" is her favourite phrase.

The zip sweater is a favourite as it''s easy to put on and off around the house and her little shirts have been fun to pair with her leggings. 

I have a feeling that not much will fit her next Winter length wise, but I do believe that the cable knit white sweater will still be carried into next winters wardrobe and maybe her Zara striped shirt.

WORK | Spring 2018

Thank-God for Spring!  Everything comes up new.

And that is exactly how it feels professionally for me right now.

Attending Women Making Waves 2018 was a reminder that my courage and ambition are rightly placed and well timed.  That my projects have merit and my stories have a voice.

Since that conference I have embraced what it looks like to be a professional writer in the performance industries.  It means a lot of hard and well though out solo work.  A lot of applications, a lot of socializing and finding those whom click with your own work ethic and values.  

It means patience, perseverance, and a lot of play time.

This Spring:

I anticipate announcing a few new and exciting projects.

Introducing new and inspiring women via Spotlight posts.

Continuing to share my learned experiencing in life and work.

"My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive, and to do so some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style." - Maya Angelou


LIFESTYLE | Cocooning

For anyone higher north of the equator this time of year tends to be darker, colder and ultimately a dip in our natural vitamin d exposure from the sun. 

Natural Winter State

A friend so perfectly put it:

"I am cocooning like crazy!" 

Instead of fighting the cocooning why not embrace it?  

Embracing the Cocooning

1. Sitting in the sun by my window and reading whenever possible. 
A beautiful underrated healing act for the soul when everything around is dark and wintery.  

2. Reading Sherlock Holmes aloud with my husband.
One cannot read this series without hearing the staccato clinical and British tone.  Fun for anyone who likes to read aloud.

3. Doing a puzzle.
My mom has many of the puzzles my late Nanny had done.  Borrowing a wintery theme and picking away at it here and there is a simple pleasure.

4. Facetiming long distance besties and even close ones while cozy.
Thank god for FaceTime.  Nothing like getting tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a snack at hand and having conversation with friends.

5. Exercise videos inside.
Popsugar Fitness, Blogilaties, Yoga with Adrienne are all exceptional workout content online for FREE!  If it's too much of a drag to bundle up for the cold, move your hot tush inside.  Your body will thank you. 


A few out of house ideas:
- attend a hot yoga class
- Eat at a favourite pub/Hyggelit restaurant
- Bundle and walk in nature with a hot beverage
- Ponder and wonder in a local library.
- Visit friends in their comfort zone.

LIFESTYLE | Winter Reads

From my personal bookshelf:

Little Woman - Louisa May Alcott

A classic fiction that is full of nostalgia, womanhood and festive vibes.  This is one to pull the reading socks on and warm cozy blanket over with.

The Little Book of Hygge - Meik Wiking

Also being a book I would choose for Autumn, this one carries into Winter as well.  I enjoyed reading this in sections over the cold months.

Year of Yes - Year of Yes - Shonda Rhimes

With the winter brings a New Year and it's the perfect time to get inspired by Shonda's experiment with looking at life with 'yes's' instead of 'no's' in a healthy way.

The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin

Another great kick start to a new year, Gretchen offers a different experience for every month of the year.  A perfect monthly devotional of sorts.

The Artists Way - Julia Cameron 

For the artists or artists-at-heart who wish to journey their way into creativity.  This book is not only used in many university art courses as a work book but also used by many professionals in the world to shake up their perspective about themselves and the world around them. 

LIFESTYLE | Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2017
  Clockwise from centre:  White & Gold Tank -  Bootlegger  , Apple Bourbon Candle -  Foxhound Collection , Brown Felt Hat -  Indigo , Denim button shirt -    Banana Republic   (technically my husbands...but I like to wear it too) , Green Dress - Second hand -  Jasmine Alexander , The Little Book of Hygge -  Meik Wiking,  Sherlock Holmes Book, Dark straight leg Jeans -  The Gap , East Coast Lifestyle Hoodie -  Psuedio , Charcol Grey Sweater -  MEC  , Black Pleather Pants -  Zara , Plaid Pajama Pants -  La Vie En Rose , Autumn 2017 Darling Magazine - , Black Sheer tank top -  H&M .

Clockwise from centre: White & Gold Tank - Bootlegger , Apple Bourbon Candle - Foxhound Collection, Brown Felt Hat - Indigo, Denim button shirt - Banana Republic (technically my husbands...but I like to wear it too), Green Dress - Second hand - Jasmine Alexander, The Little Book of Hygge - Meik Wiking, Sherlock Holmes Book, Dark straight leg Jeans - The Gap, East Coast Lifestyle Hoodie - Psuedio, Charcol Grey Sweater - MEC , Black Pleather Pants - Zara, Plaid Pajama Pants - La Vie En Rose, Autumn 2017 Darling Magazine -, Black Sheer tank top - H&M.



These brown leather keds were being sold at Little Burgundy at the Halifax Shopping Centre.  The moment I saw them I fell in love.  What is not to like about these Keds?  They match perfectly with Jeans or black pants or basically any outfit you want to give a taste of sophisticated casual to.  

Black pleather pants.

Bought from Zara. I have learned to love the way different fabrics and textiles compliment eachother and I noted how amazing a leather texture mixed with other fabrics can be.  It's endless fun.

White & Gold tank.  

I love highlights of chromatic tones, so it was a no brainer when I found this top from  Bootlegger.  


was a crisp blast and I found a lot of growth in this season.  Personally, professionally and even stylistically.  It's been enlightening to see how my wardrobe has shifted with it.  How worn pairs of pyjama pants had to be tossed, socks got holes in them, legging tights worn through from not enough care and what new items make their way in to curate and cultivate a style that gets worn daily.

LIFESTYLE | Autumn Reads
 Straight from my bookshelf..

Straight from my bookshelf..

I don't own as many books as I read, but I do hold close the ones that I want to reread and enjoy on a seasonal basis.  

The best reads on my bookshelf for Autumn:

The Little Book Of Hygge - Meik Wiking

I had been eyeing this book in bookstores for over a year and decided it was the perfect book to read throughout the colder months of this year.  So far I have been loving the little headings, delightful layout and various descriptions and ways to create a more Hygge lifestyle.  This is a yearly re-read.

A Study In Scarlet - Arthur Conan Doyle

A big fan of all things Sherlock Holmes I bought these books this year for Jeremy and I to read together.  So far I am enjoying how the cadence of the book is so intone with the setting and characters.  It is a delightful mystery read.

The Hound of Baskerville - Arthur Conan Doyle

We have not yet gotten to the second instalment of Sherlock Holmes but I have no doubt that it will be just as enjoyable.

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

You either love or hate this book.  I loved it.  I loved how it challenges readers to think about society and the way we pit groups of people against others just in how we perceive them.  This was a rapid read for me.  

The Giver - Lois Lowry 

Another read that I missed in school and read as an adult with Jeremy.  We thoroughly loved how this dystopian world was crafted and the way it challenges readers to think about how control affects us as a society.  

The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins

All thrillers are fun to read this time of year with Halloween and everything getting darker and more mysterious as a season.  I couldn't put this book down and although you either love or hate this book I ADORED it.  I found it's plot twists were great and although I could sense where it was going it kept me guessing if I was right or wrong the whole time.  This novel is as entertaining as it is an open dialogue about the way narcissistic and controlling people try to alter the truth for their own purposes.  

Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë

The classic Autumnal read!  Jane Eyre is creepy and enticing as it is sensual, vivid and profound!  Jane as a character is an incredibly strong and capable woman with a belief in her own ability to pursue value in life and is absolutly swept into romance with Mr.Rochester and his mysterious past.  This is a prime example of a woman from the 1800s writing past her time.  Charlotte brings us a woman who has depth, integrity, insight and tenacity along with compassion, history and desires past "whats wrong or right".  This is by far my all time favourite novel.  

LIFESTYLE | Crisp Walks
 From the best little nook along the Bedford Waterfront.

From the best little nook along the Bedford Waterfront.

This weekend didn't start the way I thought it would.  I saw an expanse of good weather and I conjured up many different outdoor family activities.  In the end, little Z came down with a bad cough and congestion, and we ended up pouring the majority of our Saturday into keeping her happy. Not as sick as she could have been, but definitely not the kind of sick we would want to expose to the wind and chilly air that has creeped into our little part of the world.

Instead of going for a family walk like I had imagined, I woke up Sunday morning and went on a solo walk.

It was crisp, sunny and fresh.  Sometimes in those solo walks we find pieces of ourselves we forgot about.  Just in the quiet of our own mind.  I tend to listen to podcasts or music while I walk and even while I was listening to a podcast, I found that the space of being my own person out in nature was a refreshing experience.  

Don't get me wrong.  I walk in nature a lot.  Just not often alone anymore.

Shared or solo, crisp autumn morning walks are a beautiful thing. 

Little nook.byamygrace
LIFESTYLE | Summer 2017 Toddler Capsule Wardrobed
  From top centre - clockwise:   Hat |   Carters  , watering can & tools |   Indigo,   Bunny Skip Hop Backpack |   Indigo,   Heart swimsuit |   Joe Fresh,   Canada Outfit |   Joe Fresh,   Heart Pants |   Children's Place,   Sandles |   Joe Fresh  , Lace Shoes |  Zara,  Jean Shorts |   The Gap,   Lace Top |  Korea,  Green Sunglasses |   Carters  , Blue & White Flower Romper |  Joe Fresh,  4 Calico Critters |   The Bay,   Canvus bag |   Chapters/Indigo,   Pineapple Guy | Gift from  Auntie Nicole,  Potty Time Book |   Indigo.

From top centre - clockwise:  Hat | Carters, watering can & tools | Indigo, Bunny Skip Hop Backpack | Indigo, Heart swimsuit | Joe Fresh, Canada Outfit | Joe Fresh, Heart Pants | Children's Place, Sandles | Joe Fresh, Lace Shoes | Zara, Jean Shorts | The Gap, Lace Top | Korea, Green Sunglasses | Carters, Blue & White Flower Romper | Joe Fresh, 4 Calico Critters | The Bay, Canvus bag | Chapters/Indigo, Pineapple Guy | Gift from Auntie Nicole, Potty Time Book | Indigo.

Summer is that time of year where you spend the least amount of time in any clothing that sticks to you.  It also, for us, was potty training season and this meant that our little 'Z' spent most of her time pant-less.  If we were home, she was usually just in a t-shirt or dress. (not pictured here are 3 dresses that she grew out of and we are not packing away.)

These are the items she spent the most time in this summer minus one dress that is pink, that is featured in her Spring Capsule of this year.  Many of the items she had from last year and still fit.

My personal favourites are her new shoes from Zara which opened in Halifax recently, her backpack, and blue romper that I wish she had worn more (potty training & rompers don't go together.)


LIFESTYLE | Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe
 Clockwise from centre:  Summer Darling Magazine | ,  Heart Locket Necklace |  first gift from my boyfriend now husband over ten years ago , Brown Felt Hat |   Indigo  , Black romper | The Gap, Modern Lovers by Emma Straub |   Indigo  , Navy T-Shirt Dress |   The Gap  , A Giving Key |   The Giving Keys  , Green shorts |   The Gap  , Pink Graphic T | , Starfish Keds |   Soft Moc  , Jean Shorts |   Bluenotes  , Sun Glasses |  La Vie En Rose,  Clenser, Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Facewash |   Sephora  , Coral & White Striped Silk Tank |  Pseudio , Black silk tank top |   H&M  , Sports Bra |   Aerie

Clockwise from centre:  Summer Darling Magazine |, Heart Locket Necklace | first gift from my boyfriend now husband over ten years ago, Brown Felt Hat | Indigo, Black romper | The Gap, Modern Lovers by Emma Straub | Indigo, Navy T-Shirt Dress | The Gap, A Giving Key | The Giving Keys, Green shorts | The Gap, Pink Graphic T |, Starfish Keds | Soft Moc, Jean Shorts | Bluenotes, Sun Glasses | La Vie En Rose, Clenser, Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Facewash | Sephora, Coral & White Striped Silk Tank | Pseudio, Black silk tank top | H&M, Sports Bra | Aerie

This Summer I found myself desiring new pieces I didn't truly need but knowing that I would be best to focus on the ones that counted.  Not pictured here are a few summer dresses that I wear often during the summer, various tanks that I at times wear underneath clothes, along with athletic wear.  I own two 3/4 length yoga pants and 2 yoga tops that I wear for workouts and other various athletic activities.  

The Navy T-Shirt dress was 100% the most used and best all around item I committed to adding to my wardrobe.  I have 2 other Navy Dresses. One is formal, and the other is more silk and good for summer day outings, but both leave me feeling a bit more dressed up than if I am just kicking it during a weekend.  So I found this T Shirt Dress at The Gap on sale and I LOVE it.  Dressed up or down, this is a winner.

Also added was the green shorts which I needed badly.  Since having a baby over two years ago I have only owned that one pair of jean shorts and this summer I found myself wanting to wear shorts more than dresses and needed a pair that would pair with more dressier shirts but wouldn't leave me feeling too formal.  This pair is perfect with dressier tanks or shirts tucked half way in but also relaxed with a graphic T.

Lastly, of note, I had broken my heart locket last year that Jeremy gave me when we were teens and it was his first gift to me.  I wore it 24/7 while he was away at sea over the past two years for a month at a time.  One would think that it would have been a babies grabby hand that broke it, but it was me, leaning over a table, getting it caught in-between slats.  I was a bit sad about that.  Recently we got it fixed for our six year wedding anniversary.  It's a simple and inexpensive piece but it means more than anything expensive.

Which goes to my last point:  It always pays to put more towards a classic piece and less towards the trendy.  The core base of my capsule wardrobe tends to be expensive items but those extra details are where I choose to find cheaper alternatives or wait for the right sale.  

Want to see how my Summer Wardrobe has evolved?



 Painted Lady Butterflies appeared on our patio the week Autumn arrived.  They are spending every afternoon feeding on our flowers.

Painted Lady Butterflies appeared on our patio the week Autumn arrived.  They are spending every afternoon feeding on our flowers.

Hello Autumn!  

Welcome in and sit with me a bit.  Tell me what you have for me to learn and show me what I already know to be true.

Autumn is here.  It's brisk air teases me daily.  A bit of Summer and a bit of Autumn mixed together.  I'd like to think this is the time of year that nature plays a song the same as Spring.  It's a teasing and a tugging of the heart.

This Autumn in my life

- Exploring this whole 'Hygge' thing. (if you don't know this trend, look it up!)
- Continue embracing beverages of the season and maintaining water intake.  (Hot chocolate, Spice teas, red wines)
- Add to the book stacks (reading under blankets)
- Light the candles and start pursing the pitches and the 'Show Bible' (television pitching)
- Host more. 
- Eat like a queen.
- Autumn activities with the toddler.



LIFESTYLE | Last Weekend of Summer

It's no secret that I love seasons.  That idea of a season changing and bringing something new.  I love seeing what three months can bring and finding ways in which to celebrate them.


We had a few friends in, ate a skillet of S'mores, BBQ sausages and other snacks.  We caught up, shared laughs and walked down to the water to light some sparklers.  It was simple really but in life, it's the simple things that count. 

Celebrating summer is more than just a reason to have a party, it's a reason to reflect and look forward on what is to come.

Here's to you Summer and every little lesson you gave me.

LIFESTYLE | Spring 2017 Toddler Capsule Wardrobe
  Clockwise from Centre:   Key Rock made by   Jasmine Alexander  , Light Flower Long Sleeve -   Carters  from Mimi & Yeye , Pink Cat Heart T-Shirt -   Joe Fresh  , Heart & Sailboat Rocks painted by   Jasmine Alexander  , Blue Bird Rock painted by  Amy Grace , Blue Jogging Pants -  Carters , Jean Shorts -   Carters  , Rainbow pants -   Children's Place  , In My Heart: A Book of Feelings -   by Jo Witeck & Christine Roussey - Indigo   - , Red Hooded jacket -  From my childhood , Green Pants -   Carters  , Pink Dress -   H&M  , Magnetic Doll -   Melissa & Doug from Grandma & Grandpa  , Whale Panamas -   Carters  , Tea Set -  Hape From Mimi & Yeye    , Grey and White Baseball T -   Carters  , Caterday Sweater -   Joe Fresh  , Yoga T-Shirt -   Carters

Clockwise from Centre:  Key Rock made by Jasmine Alexander, Light Flower Long Sleeve - Carters from Mimi & Yeye, Pink Cat Heart T-Shirt - Joe Fresh, Heart & Sailboat Rocks painted by Jasmine Alexander, Blue Bird Rock painted by Amy Grace, Blue Jogging Pants - Carters, Jean Shorts - Carters, Rainbow pants - Children's Place, In My Heart: A Book of Feelings - by Jo Witeck & Christine Roussey - Indigo - , Red Hooded jacket - From my childhood, Green Pants - Carters, Pink Dress - H&M, Magnetic Doll - Melissa & Doug from Grandma & Grandpa, Whale Panamas - Carters, Tea Set - Hape From Mimi & Yeye , Grey and White Baseball T - Carters, Caterday Sweater - Joe Fresh, Yoga T-Shirt - Carters

Spring was a great season to watch Zoë explore the getting dressed and undressed process.  She's beginning to show preference and have favourites.  She loves anything that has a cat on it, and absolutely ADORES her whale pyjamas that match perfectly with the whale she was given for Christmas by an Auntie.  Zoë also fell in love with this red hoodie jacket that her Grandma put on her one windy spring day (that I wore for a short time as a toddler.  Apparently I outgrew it quickly) fortunately it not only fits Zoë perfectly, but it is a staple item that would never go out of style or loose its quality appeal.  

Littered about this capsule are a few story rocks which Jasmine and I made for Zoë over the past 2 years.   We are into a stage where she not only enjoys putting them in and out of a bucket, but is able to identify the images and make scenes with them.  

Also worth mentioning now that we are in a new stage of toddlerhood with Zoë, the 'In My Heart Book' is a perfect story time read that captures what each emotion feels like.  As an adult I relate so well to the descriptions and often find myself appreciating the reminder of how valid our feelings really are. 

With this Spring Capsule I know that the life of her t-shirts and blue joggers will soon be outgrown and so they will continue to be around this Summer for as long as we can wear them!

LIFESTYLE | Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

Top Left - Clockwise: Second hand shirt - from bestie, Darling Magazine Issue #19 - Darling Magazine, White Yoga T - Bavhana Yoga Boutique Halifax, Black pants - H&M, Lace sleeve shirt - Amazon, WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere - Indigo , Home is Where the Anchor Drops Pyjama set - La Vie En Rose, Homemade Painted Succulent planter by Nicole Payzant and my daughter, Giving Key : Claim - The Giving Keys, Jean Shorts - Bluenotes, Heels - Call it Spring, Striped long sleeve - Pseudio, 3 sockets - Psuedio, Felt Hat - Indigo

As the season began I realized I needed a few practical items. A long sleeve shirt for the chill that still hung in the air, a light weekend pyjama set that was warm but cool enough for the changing temperatures, and finally, a pair of black heels that I can truly wear and use.  Every woman who wants to add that touch of heels should have a black pair.   Although I do own a pair of black heels they are what theatre would call "Character Shoes".  My character shoes are thicker, with a strap and are perfect for performances but not the type of heels I want to throw on for a classy night downtown.  These new heels are the perfect size for me.  They are not very tall but still add a kick of 'sass and sexy' to my dark jeans or dresses.

Coral has begun to creep into my wardrobe and I am enjoying that pop of colour when I desire to stand out a bit more. 

What isn't pictured here is 4 other sweaters that I have out year round along with 2 pairs of jeans (light and dark), tank tops for wearing underneath shirts and a few other t-shirts that tend to stick around from season to season.  

What I am loving the most lately about my capsule wardrobes is that with every season change I am seeing my needs lesson as I purchase items carefully and complete enjoyment with the clothes that I do wear.  Nothing makes a woman feel more of herself than a well curated wardrobe.