I’m Amy Grace, a writer for theatre, film & television and creative influencer in Halifax, NS
— Amy Grace



The Mom Show or the Most Boring Show Ever

2016 | DebuT at the Atlantic Fringe Festival

A one woman show featuring a new mom, a yoga mat, and a bit of comedic honesty. From Sukhasana to Shavasana, a mother's yogic flow on stage. 

The Mom Show is a honed piece of theatre so timed-out that when the moments of vulnerability are found and allowed to breath they stand out and tug at the heart reminding us, or maybe just me, of my own theatre-loving mother.
— Ian Mullan


2016 - Current | byamygrace.com

An ongoing interview based narrative of womanhood, creativity and collectivity by featuring various women and asking them five questions that spark depth, insight, and solidarity.


2014 - Current | youtube.com/byamygrace

While my primary focus is writing, I've found a creative outlet in making content in video/Vlog format. Ranging from motivational to reconnecting with my 'bestie', YouTube is a place I play, try ideas out and have fun! 

The Creatives

2013 - 2017 | Self

Started in 2013, The Creatives is a group of women who come together to discuss the work and ideas that they have, in a safe and encouraging environment.  Working as a creative and innovative person has it's challenges and struggles and this monthly gathering attempts at gaining unity amongst those of like mind and staying motivated throughout.

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57 Snowflakes

57 Snowflakes

2013 | Self

A performance art piece.  The making of 57 individual folded up paper snowflakes with a unique inspirational quote inside each of them.  The snowflakes were passed out by myself and Jasmine Alexander during the playing of the song "Heaven Everywhere" by Francesca Battistelli during a Christmas Eve Candle Light Service at Gateway Community Church in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia.

Chronicles of the Dramatics Society

2013 | Debut at the Atlantic Fringe Festival

When three girls learn to share a bond and rely on each other during their school years what happens when they grow and change into young adults? For The Dramatics Society, it is not what was planned.

Chronicles of the Dramatics Society, a lively play about the travails of female friendship, delves into the same territory as The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.
— Elissa Barnard



2017 | Nocturne Halifax Trophy Installation →

I can't tell you how many times I told my little 4 min story of how my trip to Cuba with the bestie changed me forever & why, but with every retelling there was beautiful gold to be found within the story, its listeners and the atmosphere.


2013 - Present | Self

Continuously honing my craft by writing material that seeks to communicate honest emotions and experiences in a tangible, intricate and creative way.  I am predominately focused on bringing the female voice to the forefront of storytelling and using various mediums to collaborate with other women in the creative industries.  



Creative Mentor

2016 - Present | Self

Guiding aspiring creatives and creatively driven people in the direction of understanding how creativity fits into their work and life. Giving insight into the implementation of a creative practice while maintaining the integrity of the visioning process. Providing feedback of ideas and processing that factors in an individuals unique needs and style.

Theatre Teacher

2014 | Neptune Theatre

Prepared and taught various different theatre classes weekly. Focusing mostly on the four - six age range and working on necessary foundational skills such as 'listening, respecting others, turn taking, confidence, character play, story telling and singing'. Alongside teaching, creating and daily preparing each class to deliver a new and unique short dramatic piece that highlighted these learned skills for the parents to view.





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2010 - 2013 | SDHHNS & APSEA

Providing each client, Deaf and hearing with a cultural, linguistic and meaning based facilitation.   Settings I facilitated communication in include: Classrooms K-12, University lectures, college classes, doctors appointments, surgery pre/post op, staff meetings, births, dental appointments, job training, theatre etc.  

Co Producer/Reader

2010 | A Victorian Dramatic Reading of A Christmas Carol at the Bella Rose ARts Centre

In collaboration with Wanda Lee Burrill-Kowalczyk a victorian presentation of a dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol.   




Women in Film and Television - Atlantic

2017 | Making Waves Conference & New Waves Program



Dal King's Swing Dance Society

2011 - 2016 | Swing / Blues Dance, Intermediate

Studied all levels of Swing and Blues dance as a 'follow'. Knowledgable in methods of Lindy-Hop, East Coast Swing, footwork, floor-craft, Charleston, 'Doin the Jive' , The Shim Sham and more.




Neptune Theatre School

2013 - 2014 | Pre Professional Training Program, Theatre

An eight month intensive training program to either spring board theatre actors into further training or prepare them for the industry. Intensive study repertoire of theatre movement, singing, dancing, voice and acting. As a small ensemble class we worked specifically together and joined the Musical Theatre Foundations Program to produce and run "Spring Awakening The Musical" as an end of year show.

Nova Scotia Community College

2007 - 2010 |  American Sign Language (ASL) / English Interpretation 

Learned how to analyze spoken and written language for intended meaning as well as analyze other elements of communication; including body language, voice intonation and the surrounding environment. Testing and assessments are spent in front of a recording camera and analyzed for message accuracy and inaccuracies. American Sign Language / English Interpreting training is a very intense process in which you are arguably put to the test everyday to assess how capable you would be to withstand varying degrees of intense situations.