Words Project

Words are more than we give them credit for.  

They are our tool to relate, to explain, to find solidarity with, to use as a place holder for what we are grappling with.  In essence, words have a power and a place in our lives we don't often give them credit for. This project is a minimal way in which I am hoping to give space for 'more' of who you are and who you want to be. 

The Words Project seeks to give permission, find peace and wholeness in the moments that we may not have anything better to say than a few short words strung modestly together.  

Coming soon will be purchasable words in varying materials to buy and place in your home in the place that suits it most.

If you are a designer / creator and would like to collaborate in this project, please send me a note at : info@byamygrace.com


It all started when…

I was two months postpartum and on my first social outing with the bestie.  A night tango/blues fusion dancing in a house across the northwest arm of Halifax that looked directly across to the dingle tower.  This house was amazing, it was on the water, had a dock, a boat house with a bed (romantic...), a roof patio, a second patio, steps leading to the dock... it was...my dream.

But here is the thing:  what made this house truly magical, was the words that were scattered about. 

See, I do this.  This was me.  I was the woman who wrote quotes down on paper and placed them next to or on mirrors to remind me of their power and their truths... but this house, had them in the secret corners and unabashed places all throughout.  In a window near the garden was a quote about nature.  On the way up the stairs, were words on life and love.

I was hooked.

I already lived this way, but not with this much daring abandon. 

So I began writing quotes in the places of my home that needed it most and now, I write my own words down.  

Because they are as important as the rest.