Most days you can find me in the juggling act of trying to write down my inspirations and ideas as they come while also being the primary caregiver for my whimsical and inquisitive two year old Zoë. 


I am mostly known for hosting a monthly meet up 'The Creatives' and the two plays I have written.  One being a one woman show I am currently touring.

People often refer to me as inspiring, creative and intense.

I love serving the world by creating safe environments for creatively driven women to meet each other and unite.

The things I am most passionate about in life are creating a life I love, bonding with my close family and friends and sharing though conversation, writing and various creative mediums current ponderings, thoughts and observations about life.

I create work that is vastly begun by using the medium of the written word as a base for, but not limited to: plays, performance art, youtube series, imagery via amateur photography, interviews etc. 

I inspire those who are just beginning to open themselves up to their own personal creative journey and I am blessed to come alongside and collaborate with women who inspire with their work and own creative pursuits. 

As a writer and performer, I’ve been featured on CTV Morning Atlantic, reviewed by The Coast, and spotlighted on The Atomic Moms Podcast.  

When I’m not busy working on my latest writing projects you can catch me taking a long walk along the water by my home with my toddler and husband or best friend,  joining Hilltop Community Theatre for their almost yearly musical, or reading a book, watching a tv show that has been on my list to read/watch too long.

If You’re dying to hear more. here are five things you might not know about me

  1. I left my ASL/English Interpreting career after five years of education and almost four years of work to pursue my writing and performing dreams.
  2. I love to bake when I have the time
  3. I love wine.  All of it.
  4. I adore our local pub.  Finbars is in walking distance to us and the food is delicious.  I literally can’t get enough of the culinary experience there.  
  5. I call our home “Little Shore Loft”.   

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