A Woman

I was raised by three strong and unique women. My mother and both of my grandmothers each brought out different strengths in me. From that foundation, I have grown into a life filled with projects about what it means to be a woman. I have had the opportunity to work with many incredible women. I also raise my own little woman. All of these things have given me a passion for empowering, encouraging, and building up communities of women near and far.

A Writer

Over the years, I have struggled to claim this title as my own. It felt too precious, too Big for what I do. But I have come to accept that that's the point: I am because I do. My nature and my intellect allow me to craft feelings, experiences, and meaning into words on a page. I continually seek connections and opportunities to give ideas life, and in so doing, my soul is sparked.

An East Coaster

Nova Scotia is my home - the anchor point when trials rise around me. There is salt in my veins and ocean air in my lungs. My family thrives here, and I am grateful to draw upon its inspiration in all that I do.

A Book Dragon

Stories in general are my thing, but it all started with reading. Every period in my life is linked to a good book... I grew as the stories did, to understand and feel at home in the person I am becoming. I continue to search for authors and stories that tap into specific parts of myself, whether they be breakneck pace, tense mysteries or creative manifestos or journeys into living authentically.

A Foodie

Food and I have had an interesting relationship.  

Either way, I have found joy in learning what food can do for our bodies, how it interacts with our individual body chemistry differently, how pairing food and drink together can create such a beautiful experience and how sharing food together can be some of the most bonding and deep times shared.  Ultimately, I am a sucker for a tasty dish, a paired drink that compliments it and good conversation.