The Mom Show or the Most Boring Show Ever debuted at the 26'th Atlantic Fringe Festival at The Company House, sponsored by Bhavana Yoga Boutique.

I guess I am this cross between old school mom and millennial feminist. I believe in a lifestyle that consists of power poses mixed with shavasana. I am everything warrior and everything feminine.
— Amy Grace


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Atomic Moms

My favourite mamahood podcast, Atomic Moms graciously squeezed me into the 100th episode! It was amazing to talk to Ellie Knaus in real time and share with her a bit about The Mom Show or the Most Boring Show ever and discuss why I keep listening. This is an amazing podcast that uplifts mothers and brings awareness back into womanhood. My interview is at 49:44, but make sure to listen and subscribe to this amazing podcast!

Nothing gets me more energized to get to work than when a die-hard Atomic Moms listener makes empowering and humorous content for women and shares it with the world. HUGE CONGRATS TO AMY GRACE on her one woman show about new motherhood!
— Ellie Knaus


The Mom Show isn’t just about motherhood; it’s also about women in general and what society expects of them.
— Elissa Barnard


The Mom Show is a delightful surprise that delivers a postpartum dissection of motherhood from the stretched belly to a personal identity crisis. Viewed as either a glowing pregnant woman creating life or an obstacle to the party planning process, the modern mother is expected to be everything but an inconvenience.
Amy Grace is a sharp performer who manages to make her show relatable and funny to an audience with or without children. In a generation where “adulting” has become a verb to describe performing the day to day minutia of life, being a mom seems to be doing it on a whole other level.
The Mom Show is a honed piece of theatre so timed-out that when the moments of vulnerability are found and allowed to breath they stand out and tug at the heart reminding us, or maybe just me, of my own theatre-loving mother. I do question the subtitle “the most boring show ever” which does a disservice to an entertaining show. Later when I questioned the choice a friend pointed out, “perhaps it’s just typical mom reverse psychology?”
— Ian Mullan | The Coast
A delightful one-woman exposition of pranayama deep-breathing, couples’ posturing on Instagram, and the pains and labours of motherhood. Amy Grace takes us on a joyful tour of her life as a child-bearing woman without comparing herself to Meredith Grey, M.D.

Ovaries not required but a bonus to attend!
— Rana Encol | The Dalhousie Gazette

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