WORK | Communication

My Question:

How can we communicate authentically and respectfully?

Communication plays a huge role in most, if not all professions.

Professionally and personally, I take communication seriously. I am hard pressed to not take deep note of how body language and words are presented. Since focusing my work away from the interpreting field, and into writing, working amongst creatives, and the performance industries, I have noticed how the communication style various in huge ways.

This presents itself through email, one on one conversations, social events in a crowded room or even just a glance as we pass eachother in the street.

There is no one size fits all in the performance / artistic industries.

The biggest thing we can ever do for each other professionally and personally is to seek clarification when there is a shimmer of confusion or doubt on the intent of a communication, be it verbal or physical.

Especially as a woman, we are in a world today where miscommunication can be the complete break down of a professional / personal experience.

What I wonder at and am theorizing, is how good we are at accepting that someone was put off, hurt or misunderstood by our own intent? How they might have got it wrong, and we also might have communicated wrong?

We can’t get it right 100% of the time, we are human after all. What makes us think that we are above that?

I ask this question not because I seek to create positive and empowering experiences with those I communicate with and I know that I won’t get it 100% right all the time. There is no world in which I will, and I would hope and trust, that those around me would be capable and empowered enough to seek that clarification from me, challenge me and continue to pass me grace for when I didn’t have the words or ways in which they needed.

Personally and professionally, this is what I desire.


This past week it rained everyday.

I love rain. For me, it’s a little permission slip to pause, watch it fall and reflect.

Not much in life can make me do that to be honest.

I am a reflective person in nature, sure, but I am one in constant motion. A lazy day for me consists of sitting or indulging in something frivolous for over an hour.

Anything past an hour and I get annoyed and ready to move to the next thing.

Being still and reflective for me, is a practice. My mind whirs and isn’t very willing to not be processing the next task, project, event etc.

There is something very true that happens in reflection.

A sense of understanding and clarity we don’t often find in the busy.


For what we do not yet or may not ever understand


For what we have needed the space to see. It is hard to truly comprehend something when you are nose to nose with it. Having space, allows one to take in it’s entirety.



After a very hot summer in Nova Scotia (avg between 28-40 degrees C with humidity) on days on end, I am more than happy to be moving into Autumn cripsness. Although as I speak, the past two days have been 28 degrees C and only dipping down into the teens overnight. (note: this was written second last week of September…delayed due to Spotlight post & various personal events)

Here is a ‘coles notes’ work update:


Brought clarity and insight into my next steps both professional and personally. After a challenging Spring of raw interactions and professional setting circumstances, it’s empowering to know that with showing up, comes a continual growth.

This clarity was what I was hoping and aching for.


Brings new projects & possible contracts

A Research / Writing project on my Paternal Grandmother

I will be focusing the majority of my writing time on my grandmother Joan Francis Gooddday Lugar. Who she was, what she did and why I find her life story one that needs to be shared.


Looking to expand the words project.


Joining with Claire Fraser, the Spotlight Series will be expanding into something more in a video / documentary format.
Stay tuned!

Freelance Screenwriting

Accepting contracts and opportunities when feasible.

LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2018

Sweater weather is here!!

We got to the beach so many times this summer and it’s only enforced our full enjoyment of getting out and enjoying the best of what each season has to offer.

Autumn Goals:

Crisp Walks


As the weather get’s colder and rains more in Halifax, Nova Scotia, it’s easy to want to stay inside, but that is a total cop out. There are still plenty of sunny and or overcast days that can be enjoyed. Getting out for those crisp Autumnal walks are a must. Hot coffee or hot chocolate for the walk didn't hurt anyone either.


Autumn is the season where our city’s Swing Dance Society starts back up in ‘full swing’. As much as we can, we are going to try to attend events and get some of those beautiful dance opportunities in.


Summer is not the end of S’mores. There are still plenty of nights where S’more dip or Traditional S’mores can be had.

Flannels / Blankets

Switch to flannels and pull out the cozies. We are in full blown cuddle mode over here.


Getting a few autumn scented candles and some plain ones are a great way to make Hygge happen in the home.

SPOTLIGHT | Rebecca MacDonald

I met Rebecca over ten years ago while we were both pursing the path of American Sign Language Interpreting. Although each of us have since chosen different career paths, Rebecca (in Real Estate & helped us get our dream first home) continues to be a woman I seek out to enjoy personal and professional solidarity. We may not share the same profession anymore, but we do share a desire to live our personal and professional lives with joy and excellence. She is amazing in her presence!

Her contact Info :
1 902 210 7653
Facebook Page

How would you describe yourself?

I'm a #motherhustler. Just heard this the other day and I love it. I love how cheeky it sounds but how it also inspires me. I've been so blessed to work and keep my girl home with me for nearly 2 years but I'm ready and she's ready for different. I'm passionate about my loves, my work and my life. I'm quiet and shy in new situations but a dragon slayer when needed. I'm funny and not afraid to admit it ;) Confident in a modest way. Compassionate, respectful and so honest. I LOVE following rules. I like to do list that I create, and I like being able to ignore them sometimes too. Positivity sometimes makes me cry. And I'm tired. Always have been, seemingly always will be ZZZZzzZZZZZZZ (and I'm done feeling bad about it too) 

What role does creativity play in your life?

Creativity is problem solving for me, my family and my clients. I'm a firm believer that everything can be fixed with a solution that's a win win for everyone in life and work. Communication is key.

What are you currently working on? 

Right now I'm focusing on how to better reach buyers and sellers organically. I want to help people like you make their house dreams come true. I've got a lot of feelings on doing what's right for the client and working in their best interest. I want to not only make a difference for my immediate clients but also for the industry. 

What was the last book/movie/podcast etc. that left an impression on you?

Goal Digger with Jenna Kutcher and I owe it all to you ;) 

What advice would you give to other creatively driven people?

If you're passionate about something others will see and feel it. Not all creativity comes in the form of a product or something tangible. 

LIFESTYLE | Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2018

Top Centre - Clockwise: Blue tank top | Frenchies, Blue / White striped Dress | Banana Republic, China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan | Indigo, Blue T-Shirt Dress | The Gap, Blue dress | Second Hand from Jasmine Alexander, ‘Faux’ Lipstick | Mac, ‘There in Heartbeat Necklace’ | Bryan Anthonys from Jasmine Alexander, Blue Tank top | , Folded up Black romper | The Gap, Sleep Aromatherapy Body Cream | Bath and Body Works, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop | Bench, White and Yellow Striped Scarf | Indigo, Starfish Keds | Softmoc, Nutragena SPF moisturizer | Shoppers Drug Mart, Joggers | Roots, Fresh Soy Face Cleanser | Sephora, Green Shorts | The Gap, Tribe Engraved bracelet | From the bestie Nicole Payzant, Jean Shorts | H&M, Off White Jersey Summer Dress | H&M, Lagom Book | Indigo, White silk Tank | Bootlegger


Can you tell what colours I like by now?

This summer I finally felt like I had a fully well developed capsule wardrobe to pull out for the summer.

What I Added

Banana Republic Blue Striped Dress : Bought for the purpose of wearing to the Wedding Shower I was hosting as a Maid of Honour, and for any future special summer events that happen in our coastal city / atmosphere.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Tank : I wear my two yoga tops on a weekly rotation and one is loosing it’s appeal, I thought adding something motivational and different for my ‘spring/summer’ workouts would be a great boost and also practical way to get me motivated.

Roots Joggers : I looked high and low. It could be that I was looking in the late spring into summer, but even still the joggers I found for women were either too cheap / thin in fabric or had insane detailing that ruined the look. I do not want ‘rips’ pre-made into my joggers thank-you….let’s leave those for the girlfriend / boyfriend jeans! Roots joggers although expensive on the outset, I imagine, will last me many years. They are plush, cozy, durable and make me feel attractive. There are many a rainy day or Sunday early writing morning that I don’t want to be in jeans or yoga pants. These are a great alternative, & admittedly, my husband is glad that I am not stealing his joggers to wear on a damp day!

H&M dress : insanely cheap. This jersey dress cost me about $18 give or take , has pockets and flows perfectly. Being short in stature with ample sized breasts, most dresses that hang without some sort of form to it make me look pregnant, but this one doesn’t! It has just the right shape to indicate my body shape underneath and also just enough flow to feel like I can be out and about with a more relaxed posture.

Bootlegger White silk Tank: I bought this knowing I wanted it for work occasions. Although it is a bit low in the cleavage area I have found that when I wear it, I only have to be aware when I am bending down and in awkward positions. Of course, being a mom, that seems like all the time, but wearing this to events has been a a confidence booster. White in the summer is such a breeze.

What I am thinking of letting go of

The blue dress that Jasmine has in my closet that we have shared through out the years has a slight rip near the top of the back. I am reticent to get rid of it, even though I know it is not fixable (The fabric is sheer there and just not worth my time to fix it, although this specific dress has certainly given Jasmine and I years of wear and memories.)

What isn’t pictured here:

Swim suit, flip flips, runners, workout shorts, pyjamas.

WORK | Discipline as a Practice

verb [with object]

• (discipline oneself to do something) train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way: every month discipline yourself to go through the file.

I am dedicated to being the full time caregiver of my child until she is of school age. These years are precious and yet as she is growing I am taking on more and with that is even more reason to continue my practice in discipline.

This means knowing two things:

Who I am In My Personal Life

I am a woman who values quality over quantity. I would rather have less in every aspect of my life, as long as what I do have, is of good quality and experience. I realize that my joys and my true value comes from enjoying quality time with those around me and the season I am in. Having enough time to eat well, exercise, get fresh air, invest in relationships with friends, family and my own personal development is highly important. I recognize and have learned that when these values are pushed aside by my need to not disappoint others, I experience the physical symptoms of anxiety and when I am in alignment with these values, I am at peace.

Who I am In My Professional Life

I am a woman who values follow through. Committing to my work and projects are of high importance to me. I recognize that I am personally affected when someone I am working with does not follow through with what they had committed to doing. I also recognize that this happens and for whatever reason, I cannot control others and their own agendas. I can control myself and how I work and communicate. I value clarity and humbleness in others and therefore I must remember to maintain that clarity within myself. I am driven and I am stubborn which I use to my advantage when going about my work. I will not give up on something I know has true value and quality behind it.

And as I navigate the next stage of my journey I remember to have:

Grace for those who don’t understand my boundaries and my striving for my dreams.

LIFESTYLE | Summer Toddler Capsule Wardrobe 2018

Top Centre - Clockwise: We Are Better Together Book | Gift from Great Aunt Linda & Great Uncle Keith, Rose Gold Pineapple Cat Ear Hat | Carters, Kitty Pyjamas | | Carters, Red / White Striped T-Shirt | Carters, Octupus Charm Bracelet | From Tai Ma in Hong Kong, Pink Dress | H&M, Jean Shorts | Carters, Green Sunglasses | Carters, Colourful Tank top | Carters & Second Hand find from Auntie Nicole, Swimmer T-Shirt | Carters & Second hand find from Auntie Nicole, Sneakers | Zara, Flower Romper | Joe Fresh, Christopher Robin Adventures Poems | 1932 Book given to my paternal Grandmother when she was a child, Chalk | SuperStore, Teddy Bear Sticker Book | Indigo, Beach Cover Up | Carters, Swim Suit | Carters.



I try when buying new items to buy what I believe fits my little’s specific taste and personality. So many swimsuits for toddler/pre school girls are either bikini style or super girly. This was a beautiful middle ground while also offering more sun protection than a toddler bikini.

Red Striped T & Jean Shorts

Believe it or not, these jean shorts are size 18 months and still baggy on her. That’s just the way her body is, long and petite, but I did love how this red striped T was a sweet weekend combo.


Pink Dress

We bought this dress for her child dedication at church in early Spring 2017. This summer it’s become the perfect little linen dress for post beach or on an extremely hot day.


Originally bought last summer, we were thankful to see this romper still fit.


This capsule is very minimal for many reasons. One of them being, as much as we could this summer, we let her go as ‘raw’ as we could. It was so hot that often we skipped pyjamas and let her play around the house in just her underwear.

This was the hottest summer in Nova Scotia ever recorded and I was amazed at how the heat never let up. Sitting at 30/32, sometimes 35 degrees on any given day, with humidity in the air pushing the temp closer to 40 was such a hard adjustment to us east coasters. We love our wind, rain and overcast days more than we realize.

All in all, this season was very minimal with re-using a lot of the lightest weight clothes and we are looking forward to seeing what sweaters, and shirts she still fits from last winter / Autumn wardrobe.

WORK | Back to School Vibes

As students go back to school there is no reason us adults can’t get a work refresh as well. With new work coming my way, I figure it’s time to recenter and recalibrate.

Here are a few essentials to think about:


Know exactly what materials you need and will create a productive atmosphere for you. For me, this is my MacBook Pro, headphones, notebook & bullet journal, along with whatever beverage I am drinking (water, coffee, tea, etc.).


This is the time of year that colds start getting shared & I am loath to get sick. When I do get sick it’s usually a doozy, so I do everything I can to avoid it, including taking vitamins (specifically, probiotics, garlic tablets, vitamin C and my regular multi vitamin), eating salads, kale smoothies and adding meat to my diet when I feel I need it (I specifically know that I crave and need extra portien when approaching my period).


Getting some sort of exercise is not only known to help with mental wellness, it is key when working at a sit down job. As a writer, all I do is sit down to work. I make a huge effort to maintain an equal amount of moment into my life. This usually means, 20 mins of yoga, 20 mins of cardio and a walk during the day. Extra movement looks like: (skating, swimming, swing dance, nature walks / hikes, hot yoga).


Using the ‘getting ready’ part of the day as a mindful exercise in preparing and choosing items to wear that will help me embrace the work I am about to do is essential. I am highly aware it is a privilege and a luxury to have items to choose from, products to use and the time to set aside to prepare for the day. I mindfully express gratitude as I prepare and never forget that although I may at times believe I want more, that I in fact, have more than enough and am content with the life I am breathing this day.


However you work, it’s important to have what inspires you in proximity. For me this is having a few privately chosen places for knick knacks that are meaningful to me and that only I can see. A tab on my laptop specifically for bookmarked articles, videos relating to my professional development that will help me grow, a background on my laptop I love and music that I can play while I work if the work fits that.

However you refresh your work lifestyle for the Autumn, do take it into account.

There is nothing like realizing you can do something to boost your ‘practice’ to be more full, enjoyable and productive.

eat well.byamygrace
LIFESTYLE | Summer Favourites 2018

Succulent Terrarium

We made a terrarium a couple years back but (SOMEONE ...ahem... not me...) over watered it, so we had to dump it.  This late Spring early Summer we started anew with these beautiful new succulents from The Flower Shop.

Beach Towels

Since 2011 we have been using old Beach Towels of mine and Jeremy's parents.  This year I waited for a sale on these Luxurious oversized towels at Bed Bath and Beyond.  No regrets.

China Rich Girlfriend

#2 in the Crazy Rich Asians Series, this book lives up to it's expectations.  Funny, true and insightful.

Beach Rocks

Collecting beach rocks is a way of anchoring ones soul to the ocean.  Hopefully this year I will get around to painting these.

Starfish Keds

Walking everywhere in these shoes.

Morning Breeze by Juke Ross

Something about this song gets to me.

"Take all your things and take the past with you, Your selfish ways I cant wait to loose. I'm… With the morning Breeze, I was right by your side But your arms released me, now I'm flying high..."


Reading this book during the summer months has been a sort of meditation.  Remember not to take life so seriously and take it one section at a time.

Yellow Striped Scarf

I have had this scarf since 2010 from Indigo, and it continues to inspire me in the summer months.

Aromatherapy Sleep Body Cream

This is an affective cream for calming the senses.

Other favourites:

The Good Place - For the extreme laughs & character development.
Mad Men - Re-watching this series is so much more impactful at age 29 then when we first watched it.  Let's be honest, 10 years ago we watched it for Don Draper (Jon Hamm), now, with new eyes we watch it for Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss)
S'more Dip - For that seasonal snack
Nova 7 Wine -  This one in particular

WORK | Striking Gold

Striking Gold is a long term project that has evolved and continues to find it's place in this world out of the souls of two friends.

Jasmine Alexander & I have been forging through friendship, faith, creativity and life's intricacies together for years now.  Heading into our thirties (me, sooner than later...) we have realized that our friendship, conversations and discoveries go deep and we have found a thread of connection and relevancy within our friendship that has surpassed our own understanding.  

Watching and experiencing her discoveries are as awing and moving as if they were my own. And so we go forth, at a distance, discovering together, and discovering apart.

Our journey as friends has brought us and continues to bring us to a place of grace, celebration, empathy and mindfulness.

It's that thread of friendship tangled up with our passion for creativity that has urged us to continue to find ways of creating together, albeit a country wide apart.

We don't know the future of Striking Gold, but what we do know, is that our love for sharing deeply, listening intently, seeking wildly is something that continues to give us great passion and joy....

Join in following our project on instagram:

Where words & imagery collide

LIFESTYLE | Bachelorette Time
Heidis.bacherlorette party.byamygrace

With a family wedding up and coming and being the Maid of Honour, it's a privilege to be able to help celebrate the traditional wedding events & have fun while doing it! 

Overview of the evening:

Wine Tasting at Obladee

Was informative as it was enjoyable.  The woman who walked us through the tasting was informed as she was pleasant to listen to.  It was fun to learn more about what rosé wines were available in our province and also a deeper red from out of town.  The Brides favourite was between the 'L'Acadie Vineyards Vintage Cuvée Rosé' and the 'Cherubino Pedestal Cabernet Merlot'.  My favourite, due to the hot summer and my yearning for Autumn, the 'Cherubino Pedestal Cabernet Merlot'.

Dinner at Lot Six

The Bride & I were both ravenous by then for their hamburger and a glass of red.  The combination was amazing.  Highly recommend their atmosphere and menu. 


In-between dinner and dancing we went to a bridesmaids house in located in the city to primp some more before taxying downtown to dance.  (what better way to end the evening than to dance?)

We were planning on going to a newer more retro dance club called 'Vinyl' which plays all the older eighties music and has throwback eighties dance atmosphere, but in the lead up to this event we found out they closed for the duration of the summer.  We opted for the safe bet in The Pacifico.

I have always enjoyed the Pacifico for it's happy & safe atmosphere.  It allows for everyone to have fun while not permitting any rowdiness, which when hosting a bride is exactly what we want.  Safe & fun! 

Let the hair fly!!! 

or, as we found that warm night, put your hair up in a bun & continue dancing....

We tied the night up with late night pizza followed with a brunch the next morning.

It was so exciting to realize as we cheered our mimosas we were getting to the home stretch of celebrating this wedding. 

October is just around the corner!!!! 





SPOTLIGHT | Laura Thornton

I met Laura years ago when I first began to call myself a writer.  She interviewed me for a theatre youtube channel & I remember her energy thrilled me then.  It thrills me now.  Little did I know she would become a woman whom I consider a colleague and a beautiful example of what it means to have joy for life, work and creation.  Laura continues to amaze me with her work and her outlook on life.

How would you describe yourself?

A loaded question! I’m a free-spirited organizer and an impulsive control freak. I’m a laid back goofball, and weirdly competitive. I think I’m just finally coming to grips with the fact that I’m a complicated and layered human being – which apparently happens once you hit your 30s hahaha! I’d like to think I’m driven and loyal and generally a good person?

What role does creativity play in your life?

Creativity is my life. I grew up in a home that encouraged early and repeated exposure to the arts – performing and fine. And I was really lucky that we were able to afford that luxury. My Mom was a music teacher when I was young (as well as having a music/theatre career between university and getting married and switching to teaching), so I had a diverse and immersive education in music from the jump. Theatre had always been there, and after high school I was able to dive in. It’s my happy place and the petri dish for all the weird ideas my friends and I want to experiment with. I’ve managed to find myself in a place where I live my entire life surrounded by wildly creative an intelligent human beings – and it’s really cool.

What are you currently working on?

At the time of writing this, I’m in rehearsals for Whale Song Theatre’s Fringe Show “The Birthday” – written by local playwright Ali House. Sarah Richardson is stepping out from behind the piano to direct, and we have local up and coming actor Briony Merritt as the other actor. It’s been about 6 years since I’ve done a proper show as an actor (I did a zany little skit for ObstacleFest earlier this year), so I’m nervous! But it’s going to be so much fun. I have a few things in development for Whale Song, we’ve had a pretty whirlwind start, so now’s the time to slow down and make smart choices while we figure out what exactly what the team wants the company to be.

What was the last book/movie/podcast etc that left an impression on you?

I watch an obnoxious amount of movies and television. I fall in love with different things for different reasons. I’m late to the party but I recently watched the entire run of “The Newsroom”. Aaron Sorkin’s last tv show starring Jeff Daniels. And I was reminded what great writing is. Impassioned, thoughtful monologues, quick pacing and great acting – it was delicious. “Get Out” is a movie that I’ve loved recently and I’ll shout out “SickBoy” as a local podcast that makes me laugh and breaks my heart sometimes. 

What advice would you give to other creatively driven people?

It’s worth it. No matter how frustrating it can be trying to find time to do your art or support yourself while you create, it’s worth it. If you want your creative spark to be your career, find a way to make it happen. Train, practice, say yes to opportunities and keep learning. If you just want to have fun with what turns your crank – lean into it. I think we’re so scared to fail that we forget that being creative is FUN. If you’re not enjoying it, why are you doing it?

LIFESTYLE | Reading Life

I am a reader. 

A book dragon, as some might say. 

My biggest accomplishment in Jr.High was graduating one of my jr. high years with a certificate for being the student who read the most books along with a gift certificate from my English teacher to a book store in my city.  

Yeah... Book nerd! 

Looking back, I am proud of that.  I may not have been the popular kid but so much of that silly social school dynamics never truly mattered, even if I thought they did.  I was a reader, and this meant my view of the world was already wider than my peers by just opening myself up to various perspectives.  

As an Adult my reading life looks like this:
I make a point to read from these categories:

- Fiction
- Plays / Scripts
- Non Fiction
- Graphic Novels
- Memoirs / Biographies etc.
- Magazines
- Newspapers

This usually means I have various types of reading on the go.


- China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan
- A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'engle
- A Real Simple Magazine
- Ms.Marvel - Mecca - G.Willow Wilson
- An Illustrated History of Nova Scotia by Harry Bruce & Dan Soucoup

I would like to better document what I am reading in some artistic manner and am still grappling with how...until then, I thought a little post would do. 



WORK | Interviews
 Photo by Steve Rau

Photo by Steve Rau

If you have been following my work over the past two years you will have seen that I have enjoyed producing the "Spotlight Series" where I highlight creative / intuitive women and ask them five main questions.  Initially I started with ten, but as the project evolved I narrowed those questions to five and the project is about to get another revamp in 2019.

More on that to come!!!! 

Along with taking the Spotlight to the next level for 2019, I have also found an incredible outlet in Women in Film and Teletivion Atlantic.  These women amaze me at every turn.  To be given the opportunity to interview women for their newsletter is an honour. 

As I adapt to each project / assignment I aim to hone my craft of interviewing into where it needs to be and identify what I need to grow in.

2 main things I focus on when interviewing:


Each person is unique and that is what makes it all the more interesting to read / hear what they have to say.  You will never get exactly the same answer or exactly the same story to tell.  


Those details in conversation is what colours a person and adds depth to their whole self.  Seeking out those details gives me joy and a big part of my process.  There are always delicious gems to uncover.

LIFESTYLE | Over a Decade Together

This month it is our eleven year anniversary of being together and seven year anniversary of marriage.  

Over a decade together has changed us, 


We often half laugh and half cringe at how much we have changed over the years.  He is handsomer, more manly, more in tune and sensitive.  I am in his words: 'sexier, more driven, more confident and gutsy.'

We have traveled some dark roads together and we have also seen first hand what it means to start again.  

I love that about us.  We didn't have the easiest start to our life together as a married duo but we were young enough that as we did the hard work on ourselves we learned how to be stronger and better together. 

What I hope this next decade to be, is our celebration of this life we have re chosen again and again while finding ourselves in those simple moments as we grow and re-grow in new and deeper ways.  


WORK | Words by Amy Grace

I am so nervous and yet excited to share with you one of my latest brewing projects...

The Words Project.

I have so often declared myself as the girl / woman with words falling out of her back pockets and this has remained true throughout my life.

Quotes are my thing, words are my thing, finding any way to describe and sum up my heart are my thing...

It's all my thing.

This project is a long time coming for me.

The concept came to me over three years ago and yet it has been one of those concepts I have avoided because it felt too real and true to me.  

How can I do this when it is the essence of who I am?

So I started slowly.  Using instagram as a way to explore the concept and yet with no commitment.  I found that no matter the likes or the comments I LOVED finding words to sum up my feelings over something and I LOVED finding ways in which to design the simple 'Amy' hand writing lay out of it all.

Without further ado 

The project page is live and stay tuned for the journey!



LIFESTYLE | Want S'mores?

One of our favourite summer time indulgences ...

S'more Dip

Oven safe bowls / skillets
Chocolate Chips
Grahm Crackers
Large Marshmallows

1. Heat the oven to 400 degrees

2. Butter the bottom of the oven dish & add enough chocolate chips that cover the bottom and add as much depth of chips as you would like.

3. Cover chocolate chips with marshmallows.

4.Put in 400 degree oven and let bake until marshmallows are turning light brown. 

5. Let cool for a few minutes and then begin dipping with crackers. 



WORK | Blog Writer

I started writing a blog on blogspot in 2010 called 'intentionally Amy'.  

I posted on it weekly and through that routine I found a renewed passion for writing.  

My writing and my voice was something that my education in ASL/English Interpreting took from me (I don't say that lightly). As a very young twenty-something I knew my voice mattered but I struggled to find it amidst the rules, the circumstances and the professional boundaries that I was now confined in. 

I needed to find, at least, my written words again.  Somehow.

Blogging became that way for me to to find my words and inadvertently, connect with living a more 'intentional' lifestyle, something I craved.

As the years progressed, I learned that not only my words mattered but my voice did too.  

I made the scary realization that the profession I chose was one that overall, discouraged my young voice and where I often found myself in positions where the rights of others, including myself, were being not only ignored but pushed aside.  

(that being said, I do want to add that towards the end of my short interpreting career I was developing a great relationship with my then, current boss & a few very wonderful mentors whom I know would have continued supporting my growth in the profession.)

Looking back, I can recognize that in certain circumstances, even as an individual providing a service, I deserved to know that I had autonomy and a voice in the situations I was in, despite being just 'a conduit for communication'.

It has been having a blog space that has allowed me to find my voice in a quiet and yet public manner.  

It hasn't always and still won't always be as eloquent or as thought out as I would like, but blogs have a way of delivering the honest state of a person and I am empowered by that.  To read the honest states' of others and to have a moment to discover my own place in this world.

It's a privilege.  

It's a privilege to have had that tiny little blog which turned into this website format where I can explore my creative and performance projects in a public and yet collected manner. 

I continue to blog as a consistent way for me to conintue my output and growth.  Consistency is important even when we don't feel like it, even when it sucks.

I will always be maintaining a blog because it is a habit that continues my work, my creativity and also in honouring my own unique voice.



LIFESTYLE | Weekend Road Trip

Last weekend we took four days and visited family.  The drive from Bedford, Nova Scotia to Montague P.E.I is a stunner.  It has a way of calming and relaxing me.  The ferry that runs during the warmer months breaks up the journey & gives us a chance to enjoy the fresh air. 

The Highlights of a Family Road Trip & Visit 


Tradition has evolved over the years that when we arrive to P.E.I. we begin to swap books out, debrief on the latest reads and make new reading / life goals. I have noticed that Jeremy enters into reading here and that now that our 'little' is older her car travel rides consist of her flipping through books for hours.


Having an uncle who is a board game youtuber has it's benefits.  We are constantly learning new games when we visit and laughing along the way.  This time it was 'The Mind' & 'Gladiators in An Arena' (heh) that really stuck out to us!   (I LOVE 'THE MIND')


Having a three year old with a nap-time has a way of setting the 'quiet time' tone, but I think it's safe to say that when all of you but one have a book in your lap and your eyes closed , it's time to admit defeat.  


Although PEI has it's touristy activities which I am sure as our toddler ages we will take advantage of, visiting this family has a source of peace to it.  We take each day as it comes and don't overload.


I am not really sure how to define or explain that ease and peace that we find together but it's there.  As the years go by I am recognizing that the peace in togetherness and time well spent is so much more valuable then the next crazy adventure or the next task on my to do list.  

I left feeling refreshed & ready for the next wave of events and work.