LIFESTYLE | Cold Season Mindfulness

Having a child in pre school has ushered in the many plethoras of colds, viruses and diseases. If I am being honest, this is one part of the parenting journey I could happily do without. Since September our little one has been sick averaging about every second week. The latest being ‘fifth disease’ which, thankfully once you have had, you rarely contract again. We are going through all these firsts right now and oy, not fun.

Being that dealing with sickness is one of my least favourite things, I am working on using mindfulness as a way to help us cope as a family and as a primary care giver by doing a few of these things:

Embrace your forced down time.

I have been using these moments where working & doing productive home activities are not conducive with tending to a little by enjoying reading. I always have a stack of books I am working on and there has been a lot of reading the past few weeks. No complaints there.

Get your vitamins & immune system nutrients

Turmeric Smoothies, butternut squash soups, kale smoothies, Kale chips, staying hydrated are all part of keeping the body prepared to fight against bacteria and illnesses.

Let Go of the Plan Book

I have a lot of running ‘to dos’, ‘events’, things I want to do etc. But part of staying mindful during the cold season, is to fully embrace the change that comes when it becomes obvious that you can’t do what you had planned. It can be very disheartening as the primary care giver who also has a career of ones own to let go of appointments, work tasks, etc, but these are all stages of life and it won’t last forever.

Attempt a bit of Fun

Introducing our daughter to a few new episodes of her favourite shows, pulling out an old toy from our childhood, and telling her stories from our own childhoods is a way to give her a bit of joy when a fever, rash or sore throat has her down.

WORK | Staying Fresh with Various Creative Outlets

Every so often I can get, as I put it: ‘in my own head’. It can happen to all of us.

You see the work you have to do, dive in, and yet, it can become all too consuming.
Especially those in the creative industries, it can feel as if creativity is something you show up to, like a personal creative factory job: put in the time and at some point, you will have built ‘the thing’.

Which FYI: is not how authentic creativity occurs.

Staying fresh, open and mindful in creativity takes more than just ‘showing up’.

It also means having variety and inspiration at your fingertips.

One way I stay fresh is to keep my other creative outlets present in my life.

Currently this looks like:


Planning to either remake a favourite or learn a new seasonal recipe fills me up with indulgent joy. Being someone who also values health, I try to limit my baking to bi weekly treats and on the off week’s bake up something more healthier (energy balls, lactation cookies for the latest new mama in the community..)

Piano / Vocals

I am admittedly even after seven years of piano lessons weak in musical theory, but I am inspired to keep up on what I already know and learn more along the way. This season, the theme for ‘Succession’ is challenging me to step up any laziness and refocus on more excellent piano playing. Vocals I came into as an adult and do my best to naturally practice daily.


For me, organizing although chore-like, can also be therapeutic. If I am being honest, it is most accurately linked with my tendencies for anxiety. If I have dropped everything to organize something new, most likely, I am using it as a coping mechanism while I work through the latest anxiety trigger. Which as a whole, does the job and allows me to see things a bit clearer after all is said and done.

Creating atmospheres

I adore the concept of creating ambience and atmosphere. Mood lighting, music, the way a room looks and feels, a blanket draped over a chair… it’s all something I enjoy working on.


Cardio bursts, be them in a class, at home with a YouTube video etc, these bursts help me to work through anxiety, boredom, lack of inspiration etc. Cardio is a quick cure all to anything.

Previous creative outlets I have done or miss:

Learning a new instrument (Cello) - was a window into musical theory that I know I want to go back to. Mind blowing.
Dance classes (swing, blues & tango) - physical activity & creativity as a pairing is always a win.
Hot Yoga - the quiet before and after a class. The way your body hums after. It allows for new thoughts you never knew you had.

LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2019 Playlist

Being a lover of music means I adore so much of it. With more and more access via streaming services, I have needed to find ways to curate my listening so I don’t get overwhelmed by it.

You can listen to this seasons curated playlist on Spotify.

Stand Outs:

Lover by Taylor Swift

Because ‘Lover’ might one of Taylor’s best albums yet & I love everything about this song.

Succession by Nicholas Britell

Because Jeremy & I have loved getting into this television series & everything about this opening song is perfection. A classical and modern mash up. The piano in this is so on point. #chills.

Problem by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox

Because this band brings me back to my swing dance/blues class days (always started in the fall) & I the lyrics may be a great sassy wink.

Dunes by Alabama Shakes

Because this song has such deep grit and soul. love preparing for a weekend brunch with this playing in the background.

SPOTLIGHT | Autumn Grant

Autumn Grant

Co-founder of Flo Meditation & Wellness / People and Culture Leader

Autumn can be found running her business Flo Meditation, while also using her love for creativity in all that she does, be it cooking at home, spending time with her young daughter and whatever else she touches.

Autumn is enthusiastic about creating community, following your passions and celebrating the mind and body transformation that comes through meditation and wellness.

She also happens to show up for herself with or without her daughter in tow and embraces the journey of what it means to be a woman who leads.

More Autumn



LIFESTYLE | October 2019 Reads

The Light We Lost | Jill Santopolo

A lovely quick read that brings the idea that sometimes we become tethered to someone due to the circumstances that have brought us together. I did think that it was a bit romanticized in presentation. Not touching enough on the realistic damage that is caused by people who don’t let the other go, but it was beautifully written nonetheless.

Yes Please | Amy Poehler

Heartfelt, hilarious and extremely grounded in perspective. I have always found Amy Poehler’s comedic work enjoyable. Hearing about her values as a person and how she has become who she is today outside of her work added a lot of depth to the person you see on screen.

Sharp Objects | Gillian Flynn

This was a quick, rapid and great read for those autumn psychological thriller vibes. I was kept guessing for a long time, and only started putting the pieces together due to the revealing nature of the cover design, which I wish wasn’t there. If I could do it again, I’d read this book without the HBO limited series cover. The accompanying HBO series captured the characters and atmosphere of the book perfectly. as well.

The Sun and Her Flowers | Rupi Kaur

A real and raw poetic take on many aspects of woman hood, as well as Rupi’s personal life. I have enjoyed taking in her work with it’s accompanying and thought provoking illustrations beside it.

Small Fry | Lisa Brennan-Jobs

This has to be one of my favourite books from this year so far. (Outlander series notwithstanding) Lisa proves herself to not just be someone who can tell her life story but also as a writer who can write as a painter paints. I read this book in about four days. I couldn’t put it down. I was less interested in the ‘fame’ of her father, and more in how she reflected, shared and described her life.

Films / Television Series of Note:

Sharp Objects : for the compare / contrast with book
Succession: the complex dark characters, the subtle reveal of toxic ‘rich’ thinking & the suspense
You’ve Got Mail: Those Autumn and old school chick flick vibes

WORK | WIFT-AT Board Member

Women in Film and Television Atlantic is a chapter of the international ‘WIFT’ that is found all around the world.

Here, in the maritimes, ours started in 2009.

WIFT-AT is coming to it’s ten year anniversary of the Making Waves Conference which is a yearly conference that brings in women in the screen based industry from far and wide to give workshops, panels and encourage growth and solidarity for women in the Atlantic provinces.

There are some exciting changes coming this new year for WIFT-AT

and although we haven’t had a chance share them all, they will be rolling themselves out in the next few months.

As a new board member I am still learning exactly how I fit into the organization and am starting to see where those places are, which is exciting and re-affirming for me.

Currently, I am writing and creating monthly article ideas for the Tidings the newsletter and aiding the communications committee with their outcomes.

I am so excited and honoured to see where this first year on the board will bring us to.

Tidings Articles from the past few months:

Interview with Martha Cooley

FIN Fast Facts

Interview with Claire Fraser

New member Profile: Marie David

LIFESTYLE | Thanksgiving 2019
thanks giving .byamygrace

Thanksgiving comes early in Canada,

which has always slightly bothered me. In part, because I do like the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving closer to Christmas as our neighbours in the States do. Almost as if it was marker for the start of the holiday season.

Thankfully we are blessed to be Canadian and thus we cannot change the early nature of our thanksgiving long weekend.

A few traditions we have been working on as a family each year.

  1. Write a list of 100 things we are thankful for.

  2. Have a autumn themed brunch.

  3. Do an age appropriate thanksgiving themed activity (colouring pages this year)

  4. Take an autumn walk (if weather allows)

Within those activities there are the obvious spend time with each side of our families and generally, enjoy quality time together.

This year we were sick, so our plans had to shift a bit. We gave thanks for how 2019 has been growing and challenging us. No matter what trials we have journeyed through the year, we have so much to be thankful for. Seeing how quickly Zoë was able to rhyme off all the things she was thankful for brought us into a place of centred-ness, reflection and celebration for everything we have.

Even if we do have an early Thanksgiving, I believe it is the perfect heart, mind and soul preparation for the Christmas season to come.

Thankfulness is the beginning of everything.
Like a prayer before a meal.
A donning of a jacket,
lacing up of boots before a walk of exploration.

Thankfulness is a precursor.

SPOTLIGHT | Meghan MacPherson

Meghan MacPherson

Massage Therapist & Business Owner

Meghan can be found running and working at her registered massage therapy business ‘Aura Massage Therapy’ while also working individually with her clients to support both their mental and physical health.

Meghan is passionate about making one on one connections with her clients and seeks to create a safe space that matches their unique individual needs.

She also happens to carry an open atmosphere about her that allows for easy communication, depth of insight and quick empathy.




LIFESTYLE | Autumn Atmosphere for Wellness

2019 has been seasons full of upheaval in our home.

Coming towards the end of the year we are finally starting to see normalcy again. It’s delightful.

That being said, it’s impossible to go from ‘high stakes stress’ to ‘calm and zen like’ overnight.

I have been learning what it means to embrace that my body may not have registered yet that the stress is ‘over’.

Using what I have, I am embracing Autumns little extravagances to welcome peace back my into home, spirit and body.


An autumn scented candle triggers pleasant and warm thoughts.


Nothing is more comforting than a warm and cozy blanket that is big enough to cover ones whole self.

Warm Drinks

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate slides down so much more enjoyably when the autumn chill sets in.


Taking the time to read a chapter or two of an interesting read welcomes in pleasure for pleasures sake and has a way of giving the brain something else to ponder during the in-betweens of a day.

it’s just a start, but finding the simplicity in the season before me to encourage peace is a practice that is necessary for me to hone for the sake of my health and all that I am called to be doing.

WORK | Redefining 'Productivity' in Creative Work

Pursuing and being in creative work is a double edged sword.

On one side, it’s amazing and highly rewarding. Ideas can come and flow and connect with others and the on the other side, it’s fraught with pressure, uncertainty, and a pacing that is quick and slow without warning.

It can feel as if you are treading water and trying to make the next thing happen without any clarity on why or how or when.

& we start getting caught up in the word ‘hustle’ as if it is something to be proud of to have too many irons in the fire and the more you can show for yourself despite how ragged and tired you are beneath the surface the more you are celebrated.

The hustle I want to be defined by,

is the hustle I have that creates a healthy home for my family, a healthy life for my body and an inspiring and well rounded work life.

What if being productive meant bringing your whole self to each part of your life with out exhaustion or comparison? What if our CV wasn’t the point of proof, but how we walked our fulll and whole lives?

Over this year I have been working on finding a new way of being in my personal and professional life that produces more quality with less stress. The theme I have found is that ‘more’ so often doesn’t produce ‘more’ in return.

‘More’ is often the distraction from the ‘less’ that you need to focus on.

It’s hard to remember to do.

But onward I go…

LIFESTYLE | First Day of Pre-School

Pre School is a huge step into this souls independent journey. We are blessed to be able to provide her with an atmosphere that creates space for imagination, learning and group interaction.

I found myself internally very aware and emotional on what this milestone means for her and I specifically. As her mother and primary care giver, these are the necessary growing pains that will spring board her and I into a new type of mother and daughter.

A stepping stone.

Above all else, we hope we are able to encourage and cultivate how she uniquely learns and interacts with her world. That she experiences this school year as a way to practice her voice, learn how she learns best and finds some joy in the exploring, creating and practicing new skills.

SPOTLIGHT | Denika Coakley

Denika Coakley

Designer & Woodworker

Denika can be found working and running her own business ‘DC Woodworks’ while also thoughtfully investing in her two daughters lives.

Denika is passionate about bringing both artistic design and woodwork together, is constantly working with her hands in all forms of creativity and expression and believes that being your most raw and true self is of value in this world.

She also happens to bring a depth and sense of ease in the room that welcomes others to relax and be themselves.





LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2019

& here we are.

Walking into the leaves of autumn. The night air is decidedly more crisp and the sun is slower to rise. Autumn was never my favourite but I am learning that I may like it more and more with each year that passes. There is something promising and comforting about it. The warm blankets, lit candles, baking in the oven and coffee that warms not just your stomach but your hands. A sense of renewal in the shedding of things.


This Autumn I am seeking to honour and encourage a new and steady routine. We had to put a lot on the back burner during the spring and summer to accomplish our necessary renovation and although I could remind myself it was all for a good reason, it was hard not to see the weekends and evenings waste away from us and the missed time spending with our friends, family and each other. We will embrace the Autumn weather and go for walks and I will continue tidying our house from our huge overhaul. Letting go of what isn’t for us anymore and finding a new way to connect with each other and those we love.


The Spotlight Series is going back into the studio to film women. Through Brilliansea we are aiming to continue our project by mindfully curating the women we bring in. We want our project to display diverse and unique backgrounds in both life and experience. I am continuing to learn my place on the board of women in film and television and have given myself grace to learn how the association works before taking on too much. This season I am going to be pushing myself to grow and experiment behind the scenes of my work in both development and production areas. I am sensing that my season of carefully taking in and curating has been teaching and showing me where I can expand and accomplish new elements of my craft that will empower and equip me to create quality work.

& with that I step onto the fallen leaves with a bit of refreshed purpose and mind.

WORK | FIN Festival 2019
Heading into the screening of our Brilliansea Documentary:  ‘Her Business Our Story Your Calling’

Heading into the screening of our Brilliansea Documentary: ‘Her Business Our Story Your Calling’

Having ‘Her Business Our Story Your Calling’ accepted into the FIN ‘Atlantic International Film Festival’ was an honour. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to work with Claire Fraser on this short documentary and work towards creating it into a feature.

Although I have written and produced theatrical plays, written and collaborated on various screen pieces, this is my first screening of a produced work of film.

The Festival was packed with various opportunities and events as a film maker to enjoy and be inspired by. The opening film Murmur was a perfect way to celebrate locally made films and various colleges. Murmur is a perfect example that quality is better than quantity. It had a quiet confidence about itself and was made with excellence.

I found the Mussel Bar reception hosted by WIFT-AT a time of solidarity and connections with my peers. I am looking forward to seeing more of them both at events and also by design.

FIN gave me the opportunity to see my local film and television community on a broader scale, find solidarity and get inspired for what can be possible.

Onward I go…

LIFESTYLE | September 2019 Reads

September is an odd month to be fitting in reading while everything is changing and starting back up again, but it also happens to be a huge part of my sanity, so thus, I cracked open these four…

LIGHTLY | Francine Jay

A little ‘light’ read on a clutter free life. Over the past five years I have been on a journey to living ‘minimally’ / ‘lightly’. These reads aren’t necessary for me, but remind me of my why’s. I am easily overwhelmed and am especially affected by the atmospheres around me. This little read gave me a small reassuring pat on the shoulder for all the reasons I have let go of excessiveness and embraced curating our small space.


Have only read the updated introduction thus far, but am about to deep dive. I can tell that I will leave this book with a few new tricks up my sleeve on what it means to use my time productively and to the best of my ability. I have learned in my professional life thus far that I thrive when I have efficiency in both the administrative and the creative.


This book of poetry was raw and candid in very visual ways. Touching on abuse, love, loss and self-acceptance, this is a beautiful collection that has a way of capturing the essence of a woman.


Becoming parents, moving, and renovating has meant the past few years have been less about hosting and more about ‘surviving’. That being said, reading this little beautiful book has given me a reminder for a love of having people in to connect and find solidarity with.

SPOTLIGHT | Rachael Delano

Rachael Delano

Musician, Teacher & Director

Rachael can be found exploring how to combine sustainability, art, and music in all aspects of her work, while also maintaining her many independent contracts by directing choirs, teaching her own students, and being the co-lead arranger for a community singing group, ‘The Big Sing’.

Rachael is passionate about all aspects of the work that she does and this leads her to be consistently changing and innovating in how she approaches her work.

She also happens to carry a quiet rhythm to her presence that is calming to all those who are around her. It’s that authenticity and genuine joy for the moment she carries that reminds us to stay true and present in all that we do.




LIFESTYLE | Summer 2019 Pre Schooler Capsule Wardrobe
Top centre - Clockwise :  White Cat Marie - Aristacat  | Gift from Auntie Heidi,  LOVE Swimsuit   | Joe Fresh,   Anchor Hat   | Fluffy Bottom Babies,   Rainbow Overalls   | Carters,   Water Bottle  | Gift from Yeye from trip to Hong Kong,  Puppies Sticker Book   | From Indigo for PEI road trip,   Star Sneakers   | Zara,   Whale  | long ago gift from Auntie Nicole,  Black Shorts   | Joe Fresh,   Rain Boots   | H&M,   Mermaid Pyjamas   | Carters,   Jean Shorts   | Carters,   Jean romper   | Carters,   Fingerling key chain  | gift from family friend,  Mermaid t-shirt  | Second hand find from Auntie Nicole,  Donought t-shirt     | Carters,   Mermaid   | Fluffy Bottom Babies

Top centre - Clockwise : White Cat Marie - Aristacat | Gift from Auntie Heidi, LOVE Swimsuit | Joe Fresh, Anchor Hat | Fluffy Bottom Babies, Rainbow Overalls | Carters, Water Bottle | Gift from Yeye from trip to Hong Kong, Puppies Sticker Book | From Indigo for PEI road trip, Star Sneakers | Zara, Whale | long ago gift from Auntie Nicole, Black Shorts | Joe Fresh, Rain Boots | H&M, Mermaid Pyjamas | Carters, Jean Shorts | Carters, Jean romper | Carters, Fingerling key chain | gift from family friend, Mermaid t-shirt | Second hand find from Auntie Nicole, Donought t-shirt | Carters, Mermaid | Fluffy Bottom Babies

Summer seems to be the season where we stick to our main few outfits on rotation. With hot and sticky days that go between 28 - 35 degrees the last thing you want is to regret dressing your child in something that is either too hot or just way too inconvienent.

New to Her

The Mermaid shirt, a second hand find from Auntie Nicole a.k.a Little Thrifted Closet was gifted to Zoë & she ADORES it. It’s lightweight and perfect for all that summer sweating.

Auntie Heidi also brought back a Disney stuffy ‘Marie’ from the Aristocats and Zoë has been carting it around ever since.

Still Going Strong

The H&M rainboots are still perfectly sized and should do us at least until the end of this year. They are great quality.

Whale was away for awhile while we dealt with renovations and a bug problem. He has since had his spout fixed and is sealed up for more cuddles on the couch.

Time to Go

LOVE swimsuit from Joe fresh is becoming too tight, before the end of this year we will have to find a new swimsuit.

Various T-Shirts that became too small / tight over the summer.

*Not picture here a two dresses and a beach cover up that Zoe wore off and on along with a few spare t-shirts that either were in the wash when this photo was taken or were already too tight by the time the summer was ending.

WORK | Discussions with Ruth on Optimistically Depressed Podcast

Recently I sat down with Ruth McMullen on her Podcast Series ‘Optimistically Depressed’ where she creates space for ‘shame free’ discussions on mental health, life and the personal journeys of each guest she talks with.

Ruth has an incredible rooted presence and peace that surrounds her. It is a healing thing to have the opportunity to sit with her and share in the openness that can happen when a room feels safe.

In this episode: Amy Lai on Healthy Anxiety and Taking Responsibility | Ep 48.

I share with Ruth my own personal discovery and understandings through the years of how anxiety manifests itself in me and how I have learned and am still learning to deal with it.

We also end up unraveling the ways in which learning who you are, where you have come from, how you can honour your own humanity and overall wellness can be an empowering and beautiful thing.

Overall, I realize that any of these opportunities to sit and share, are not just opportunities for the listener to hear a new episode, but for the person sitting across from Ruth, they are also opportunities to learn, heal and feel cherished just a little bit more than before.

LIFESTYLE | Summer 2019 Capsule Wardrobe
Top Centre - Clockwise: Navy Blue Tank     | RW&Co,   Black Romper   | The Gap,   Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Tank   | Bench,   White T Shirt Dress   | La Vie En Rose,   Sailboat Pyjamas  |  La Vie En Rose,     Black Shorts  | Winners,  Jean Shorts   | Bluenotes,   Starfish KEDS   | Softmoc,   Blue/White Romper   | Aerie  , Rose Gold Watch   | Fossil,   Essie Nail Polish  | Shoppers Drug Mart,  White/Grey Dress   | H&M,   Summer Anthology   | Amazon,   White/Grey Pin Strip Pants   | RW&Co,   Pink Silk Pyjamas   | ASOS,   White Silk Tank   | RW&Co,   Blue Silk Tank   | ModCloth,   Green Shorts   | The Gap,   Blue/White Striped Dress   | Banana Republic

Top Centre - Clockwise: Navy Blue Tank | RW&Co, Black Romper | The Gap, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Tank | Bench, White T Shirt Dress | La Vie En Rose, Sailboat Pyjamas | La Vie En Rose, Black Shorts | Winners, Jean Shorts | Bluenotes, Starfish KEDS | Softmoc, Blue/White Romper | Aerie, Rose Gold Watch | Fossil, Essie Nail Polish | Shoppers Drug Mart, White/Grey Dress | H&M, Summer Anthology | Amazon, White/Grey Pin Strip Pants | RW&Co, Pink Silk Pyjamas | ASOS, White Silk Tank | RW&Co, Blue Silk Tank | ModCloth, Green Shorts | The Gap, Blue/White Striped Dress | Banana Republic

This Summer, as with all summers, I found it hard to put my finger on what I needed and what was working for me. Maybe it’s the unpredictability of ‘Nova Scotia’ summer days? The way they can be overcast and a bit chilly while the next sunny with humidity pushing the temperature past 35 degrees Celsius, and the following day foggy, humid and raining in spurts.

I was able to end the summer with a deeper understanding of what next years capsule goals will be and what worked for me overall.

New to Me

Blue/Striped Romper

I found this romper at Aerie and immediately fell in love with it. It reminded me of a wardrobe item I had back in my early twenties found second hand by my bestie Jasmine. It was a beautiful piece that I wore every Summer up until a couple years ago when I realized it didn’t exactly fit who I was anymore and felt it was getting a bit too ‘love worn’ to wear. This is a perfect addition that still holds that appeal to me.

White T-Shirt Dress

Found at La Vie En Rose as ‘lounge wear’ I immediately was drawn to this piece not only because it was $10.00 but I loved how it was soft on the inside and would be the perfect 'throw on’ post beach or pool day.

Pink Silk Pyjamas

Ordered via ASOS when I realized that waiting for Victoria Secret to bring in the exact pattern / colour pyjamas I wanted would take too long, I purchased this set which is made by Bluebella the same company who made the Navy / Pink silk pyjamas I bought last winter. A bit pricy but oh so comfortable and good quality.

Still Going Strong

Silk Blue Tank

Seen here as folded, this tank has been with me since first summer post partum and although it was an expensive order from Modcloth, it’s a huge favourite of mine, in my favourite shade of blue and a it is perfectly shaped and simple.

Sail Boat Pyjamas

Still a summer/Spring favourite to wear. Cozy and light.

Time to go

Jean Shorts

Bought them the first summer after giving birth in May. I have made these work for the longest time. I bought them cheap from BlueNotes not knowing how my body would change over the the postpartum journey. In reality, I think I ended up shrinking them in the dryer by accident, but they’ve done the job for 5 summers, even though I am packing them away for the autumn/winter season, replacing them will be a focus for next spring.

**always know there are items not pictured here, as they either are duplicates / additional extra wear (like under tanks, a few extra pairs of pyjamas, year round dresses / work out wear, swim wear) I tend to show the most used items of that season & reassess the items that don’t make it into this picture.

SPOTLIGHT | Adrienne Kehler

Adrienne Kehler

Birth Doula & Child Birth Educator

Adrienne can be found educating and supporting new parents and others in the various aspects of birth, while currently relocating her family and ‘business’ from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Ottawa, Ontario.

Adrienne is thrilled by the process of educating and supporting women in their Individual birth journeys and works to give space for a variety of information, methods and insight while also creatively thinking outside the box to create a wholistic birthing experience that uplifts and equips.

She also happens to empower the women and men she works with by her ability to listen deeply to their specific needs and desires and connecting them with the information they need.