A Woman

Over the years I have found that my work and personal interests lend themselves to cultivating relationship with and about women.  Being a woman I appreciate what womanhood is and am inspired by the stories of women.  I always say I was raised and surrounded by three very unique and strong women.  My mother and maternal and paternal grandmother.  Each of them are so very unique and yet each of them brought out a different strength in me.  Now, raising my own little woman, I have found a passion deeper still for empowering, encouraging and creating community with women.

A Writer

Claiming my place in this world as a writer has been and still is a journey.  Somehow the title of ‘writer’ seemed daunting to me, and too special to accept for myself.  Over the years I have come to a deeper awareness of why and what makes me a writer and a lot of that is as simple as:  I am, because I do.  I am a writer.  By nature, by intellect, craft and by calling.   Honing my craft and recognizing my passion for theatre, film and television as my focus has allowed me to become highly specific with my projects, growth and passion as a writer.

An East Coaster

To say my anchor is deep where I live is an understatement.  Nova Scotia is in my veins and the air here is my fuel.  No matter what adventures or plane rides I take, I am happiest and the most whole when I am walking alongside my ocean.

A Book Dragon

I have a habit of inhaling books.  Stories in general are my thing, but it all started with reading.  Pouring over an Archie comic as a pre-schooler and then finally having comprehension that my sisters comics were more than just the pictures.  Going from reading children’s books to picking up my first baby-sitters club book in grade two.  Reading Secret Garden, A little Princess, Little Women, and every single kid mystery series at the library.  Every time in my life is linked to a good book.  Now, it’s a mix of reading the latest best-seller rapid read, to deep diving into Margaret Atwood's “The Handmaids Tale” before watching the television series, or finding must reads in The Giver, The Year of Yes, The Help.  If I am breathing, I am reading something.

A Foodie

Food and I have had an interesting relationship.  

Either way, I have found joy in learning what food can do for our bodies, how it interacts with our individual body chemistry differently, how pairing food and drink together can create such a beautiful experience and how sharing food together can be some of the most bonding and deep times shared.  Ultimately, I am a sucker for a tasty dish, a paired drink that compliments it and good conversation.