Poster made by one of the featured entrepreneurs ‘Élana Camille’.

Her Business Our Story Your Calling

A short documentary featuring various entrepreneurial women and the story behind their businesses. Through sharing their experiences, they aim to inspire and encourage other people to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. For more information, read this post on


We were so thrilled to announce that our short documentary ‘Her Business Our Story Your Calling’ has been accepted into ‘FIN’ the ‘Atlantic International Film Festival. in 2019. There are two Screenings at Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane Theatre.

About Us


Claire Fraser

Photographer, Videographer & entrepreneur. “My mission as a creative female, is to support and empower other women through the content I create.”

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Amy Grace

Writer, producer & creative in all things. “My mission is to cultivate and create empowering content that inspires, lifts up others & creates unity along the way.”

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In the summer of 2018 we, Amy Grace & Claire Fraser, had our first meeting together at Two if By Sea Café in Dartmouth, NS and found ourselves envisioning a collaboration that would bring each of our passion projects under one umbrella. It was that day that Brilliansea the platform (a sea of brilliance) was born. Since its birth, we have carefully and tenderly nurtured the concept and brought it into action for its release in January 2019.

As a platform, Brilliansea commits to doing monthly spotlights, working on a documentary featuring entrepreneurial women (2019/2020), and sharing content from creative and impactful women.
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— Amy & Claire
Claire Fraser and Amy Grace are the founders of a new platform @brilliansea, where they are shining a light on young female entrepreneurs. The energetic duo started with the serendipitous way in which their business relationship and vision came together.