©2012 Nicole Payzant

©2012 Nicole Payzant

When things shift it is necessary to turn a page.  This first post is a written realization of a page I turned that didn't continue.  In fact, it ended.  And the next page was a new chapter.

As a writer I am very aware of chapters and what they may mean.  A chapter pulls a story further ahead, it is the continuation, but also the conduit for the next 'thing',  


Starting byAmyGrace has been the unfolding process of this new chapter and I have been working hard to reign myself in.  To make sure that I am staying focused on my theatre training, projects and personal life.  Recognizing a need for a place to work off from has created byAmyGrace into a website and an idenity.  

In every chapter there is usually a discovery, something we didn't know.  This has definitely surprised and delighted me, giving a great deal of direction and definition into my next words.  I could not be writing this if it wasn't for my inspirational team that drive me forward.  Jasmine Alexander, Jeremy Lai, Nicole Payzant and Tyler Bennicke are all various artists who have helped me define and hone in on what my vision is.  Their work is sprinkled throughout my own and I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge and thank them for their continued support. 

Each week I will be writing about what discoveries, struggles and thoughts I have through the process of being an artist and pulling other artists alongside me in these initiatives.  Join me as I attempt to put words into thought, thoughts into ideas, ideas into concepts, concepts into projects and projects into action.  

No artist can do it alone, and I clearly recognize the need to be intentionally interactive with those around me.  

This chapter will be the beginning of many chapters to follow, and that, perhaps is the most exciting concept of all.

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