Discipline & Dedication

©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

When a student goes to school, first they learn the basics.  The fundamentals of what they will eventually be able to accomplish with their work.  They begin with introductory courses on the things in which they will need over the course of their learning.  Students often come to a first lecture with a notebook/laptop and pen/pencil.  They record notes either by hand, keyboard or a recording device.  They will study those introductory classes because that is the beginning and the very foundational basis of their future.  Serious students are studious.  

In rennassaince times the apprentices started out similarly.  Learning the small things and growing on their skill as they went.  There are many similarities between 'Student' and 'Teacher' and 'Master' and 'Apprentice', but a few differences as well.  Specifically, an apprentice slowly learned how to work on their masters art, not their own.  Then, an apprentice wouldn't even touch an 'instrument/tool' until they had learned to take care of the workshop of their master. 

There is a reason for this learned skill of 'taking care of'.

The artist, then and today, needs to be able to gage for themselves their needs and desires.  They need to able to run their own studio, business , life.  An artist does not have a boss leaning over their shoulder giving direction and thus has created the stigma that artists are all the negative things academics or realists believe. (Chronically late, disorganized, informal, unprepared etc.)  Artists have to fight for their credibility every day, and this is something Doctors, Lawyers, Business Men/Women, Teachers, etc never have to do.  Of course, we all have to fight for our credibility and reputation amongst our peers and public, but when does a Lawyer say "I spend my days in the courtroom" and not receive an automatic nod with straight forward respect?

No calling is higher than another.  If anything, back in ancient Greece up to the Renaissance, artists were honoured due to their drive to a higher calling.  It was believed that the "Genius" in an artist was something that came and went.  You never achieved art or success alone.  It was inspired by a higher power and then that inspiration/genius would leave.   

Maybe to come back, maybe to not.  

The success of an artist is how they are dedicated to their work.  How they roll up their sleeves everyday and sink their teeth into projects, whether the 'genius' is there or not.  Whether they feel it or not.  An artist who has the discipline to take care of their work space along with their emotional and physical well being....these are the successors.  

These are the artists who breathe grounded, rooted, aware and ready.


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