Summer Letter 2014

Dear Ladies,

Summer is when things mature and grow.

Remember those good old days in school.  The days when September rolled around and you showed up and your classmates looked different?  Some older, some with different trendy hair styles.  Others with teeth missing, or a new piercing.  Things always stayed the same but somehow changed at the same time. 

I am watching you create, be, expierence and take rests in these glorious few months!  I am so thankful to see the photographs linger on my computer screen as I scan the updates.  These are growth moments.  These are the times of experience that will take hold of your work...

Do not doubt the rest or the work that you feel called to do .  Summer is a season to rest in what is.  And what is, is where you are at. 

Be where you are at.  If you have a job, work for the thrill of an artist with a pay check no matter the occupation.  An artist with money in their pocket is an artist with a secret investment to be made.  If you are in that tough spot of scavagening food and money, don't despair.  There are things growing, things that are growing for you.  Work on your craft, rest from your craft, do both as if it was your living.  When you rest.  Rest.

When you work, work.

You inspire me.

You keep me going.

You remind me to do.



I cannot do it without the echo of my sisters making along side.  I hope your summer is teaching you.  I hope you are feeling the summer sunlight soak into your pours and revitalize you.  Because, ladies I have to tell you:

There is a harvest coming.  

A harvest that will bless you, encourage you, move you and bring you into a new place.

I hope you are ready for what this Autumn will bring, because after a summer like this, you can only expect to be gathering and harvesting for a very long time.

Amy Grace 2014

Amy Grace 2014

So rest in the summer months of the growth of your work, life and experiences.  Don't beg it to grow faster, because it is at the pace it needs to be.

And while you wait, live and do.

Until September when we toast again over a glass of wine and something scrumptious.

Amy Grace.