Wellness Wednesday: Kale

Physical Wellness

Just when you thought it couldn't get anymore green with avacodos in our supermarkets ...Kale made it's grand entrance.

I am so glad it did.  

With its cancer fighting contents, anti inflammatory and detoxification goodness this green leaf has the power to punch a healthy streak into your diet.

I wasn't a Kale fan at first.

Bitter.  Blech.

And then during postpartum we found Kale Smoothies.

A beautiful way to blend it up and get all that green goodness. 

So join us in Kale-ing it out.  (We find protein powder, cold bananas and ice cubes are essentials for our favourite K-Smoothie bliss)

What green have you been ignoring?  Have you tried a Kale smoothie recipe before? How can you put Kale into your diet?