Wellness Wednesday: DisConnect / Connect

Seasons come and seasons go and seasons come back again.

I used to drive my small car all around.  Coffee with a friend in the morning, driving to the ocean with another in the afternoon.  We would make dinner with more friends at night.  

There was one summer in particular that friends never left.  It was endless summer days of helping each other with our work, eating, swimming, walking and singing.  A pivotal summer, one that was a spring board into the lives we are living now.

And then that season passed.  

And that little apartment that was an open door with a couch that was getting worn by the use was left behind in fond memories.

We had a baby.

And then.


We moved.

We moved.  They moved.

New home but that same old couch.  And that couch is calling to me again.  For the door to be reopened and for more bodies to sit and 'connect'.

Wading through a season that forced us to focus inward, and now there is hope.  Connecting again.

Who can you connect with this week?  Are you in a season of 'connecting' or 'dis-connecting'?

Amy LaiComment