Making Room


It's the time of year for Spring Cleaning.  For clearing the cobwebs of your life and space and making room for the new and the fresh.

Those of us who find this a fun and inspiring task are already on the journey of renewing ourselves and our spaces yet again.

There are also those who don't enjoy this.  Who find 'renewing', 'renaming', or 'rebirthing' a very uncomfortable, scary task.

Both are valid.

We need those of us who have no problem moving forward into 'the new'.


We need those of us who prefer to rest in the known of before.

That is how we appreciate the balance.

There is balance when we make room in our lives for new things.

There is balance when we take the time to consider a new journey, decision, next step.

And although we may be scared to put a label on a 'next step', sometimes that is exactly what we need to do in order to progress more in our life.

Life is ever moving and changing.  We cannot expect to stay in the same place with the same people.  We either progress in our relationships, and work.  Or.  We don't.

We have to make room for life in our life.  Eventually, you and I have to put a foot in front of another and go.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.

For me, I am making room for a baby.  I am on the countdown to her birthday and daily going through the things that we accumulate that do not represent, or welcome her into our lives.  We have to make room for this new life and that means that we stop and assess what we value.  We make decisions based on moving forward to bring her in.

It's a natural thing.

This making room for more.

The more room you make,

The more life can happen.

So make room.