The Creatives - May 2015

We didn't realize it then but this was the last meet up before the summer break.  

It was obvious yet my new mama brain wasn't connecting those dots.  If I had I might have held these women together for a few extra minutes before closing the door after such a moving evening.

We sat there as we usually do, eating and communing with each others unique selves.  Food on the table like a feast and glasses tinkling with beverage of choice.  I relish these women, all so unique and vibrant.

Yoga Instructor






Endless light in one room.

We shifted in our seats as we shared the newness of one of us creatives having a baby.  Some of us unsure, and some of us beaming.

New is always so mysterious, so unknown and captivating.

And that's the sometimes heart wrenching thing about the lives we choose to lead.  That our lives are not predictable and our circumstances change in a quick minute. 

Some of us are facing this new season with glittering eyes, and some of us are facing unknowns that make us shiver and quake.  Are we capable of withstanding this wind?  Can we stand amongst all the others?

And thats the thing with Creatives,  We put ourselves out there again and again no matter the weather.  Our directions may change but our surging forth does not.  We may not end up where we started out but we all surge forward and insist on our creative selves having a place in this world.

So we're embarking on a new season of our lives and this time it's real and not a phony attempt at our dreams.  This one is real life and even if it doesn't look like a shiny new pony it will be exactly what it should be.

Until Autumn.