Wellness Wednesday: Fresh


Physical Wellness

I've had to change the way I've been eating.  It was of my own decision.  I birthed a child and wanted to equip my body to breastfeed and begin shedding the weight I needed to sustain her properly.  There has never been this much fresh food in our fridge or on our table.  

Over the past six weeks I have watched the changes in my body.  The weight dropping off and the energy surging through my veins.  

Fresh food.

It's the fresh that keeps us going.  

It takes real effort to be 'fresh'.  It costs more and it takes a lot more effort to prepare.  The benefits?  Priceless.  

An investment in yourself that will keep on giving. 

What's on your plate?  What fresh foods do you love?  Have you given your body the nourishment it needs?