Wellness Wednesday: Routines


Emotional Wellness

Whether you naturally seek out routines or find them hard to implement, they are essential to finding an emotional balance in your day to day.

Watching our almost two-month-old daughter fall into her own cycle (gently guided by us) of awake, eat, sleep has reminded me of how that balance keeps us thriving.  I see a huge difference in her day if part of that routine has been disrupted.  One minute she is a happy, contented baby girl and the next she can be wailing with the disruption to her 'natural' rhythm. 

What's your rhythm?

Having a routine for yourself be it just a morning or an evening ritual will impart a sense of understanding and security into your emotional wellbeing.

My husband and I, since pregnancy have routinely taken a shower or bath together every night.  It accidentally, but enjoyably, become a routine that has created an emotional intimacy and relational wellness between us.

Routines do not have to be related to chores or to do lists.  Routines can be the simple things in life we do to create a peaceful lifestyle.

What kind of routines/rhythms do you have?  Are you capable of finding the things you need to create a balance emotionally?