Wellness Wednesday: Present

Emotional Wellness

It's a practice that is harder than it seems.

I sit with a best friend and every now and then we lift our phones to our faces and check on the neediness of the outside world.

We've talked about this before.  Neither of us are trying to be rude or even think much of when the other lifts a screen to a face, but, there is a difference.

We have worked harder to be more present and that is probably why there are rarely any instagram pictures of us doing life side by side in our different but bestie ways.  We don't pick up our phones the way we used to,.

And I practice when I am with my daughter to slide that airplane mode on my phone so that when I record how long she has fed, or take pictures of her I am not getting bombarded with messages at the same time.  

Trying to be present.

Being present means we embrace the airplane mode, we slow down and we look another in the eyes.

It's a work in progress.

How are you at being present?  Does your smart phone become a filler when you have nothing else to add.  Are you using a screen as a crutch?  How much more would you enjoy or not enjoy life by being more present in your dailys?