Wellness Wednesday: Unhinged


Spiritual Wellness

I stare up at my new home.  The ocean across the street and the breeze lifts the sails of a boat across the way.  The seagulls cry and remind me that this was the home of my family.  My roots are here and I was made for 'here'.

I see the doors of the homes that line this street, some old and some new.  I laugh.

Everything in life that is meant to be is so 'unhinged'. 

I remember standing on a dock only months ago praying and asking for that abundance.  Not for the bigness, but for the smallness that my heart wanted to share.

Let me share the ocean and let me share the ocean air with my daughter and others.  "Is that too much to ask?"  I had prayed.

We walk in a world that likes to tell us no.  It's as simple as that.  

What we think is a world of 'we can be anything' is actually a world of nos.  

It's not a pessimistic take, it's just the way this universe turns.  

But it's upside down, so those no's are yes's and the yes's we receive may actually be no's. 

How topsy turvy.  How can we trust in anything bigger than us to guide us to the right place?

Have you come against a door that seems shut tight and won't budge?

We all have windows and doors.  What are they saying?

Are we trying to wedge them open when in fact they want to stay closed to protect us?  Are we passing open windows and doors without even knowing it?

This street that I am moving to...it's a street I spent my whole life on.  Yet I thought it wasn't for me.  And here we are walking to the ocean with our daughter in tow just as I used to run the street as a girl.  

Sometimes it's the doors we don't see that are unhinged and ready for us to walk through the door frames. 

Look for your unhinged doors.  They are all over the place.