New is new is new is new


New is relative.

New is perspective.

New is what you make it.

So new can be what you are now here.

Or new can be what you desire there.

Either way, whatever 2016 is whispering in your ear, don't be alarmed if your heart beats faster, your palms start to sweat and you feel like vomiting the more you think about it.

Fear is what wants to take you down this twenty - sixteen.

If it was up to fear, you would't do a thing.  You would sit on a couch, with your snacks, your smart phone and your netflix binge watching whatever it is that fed your bottomless hungry soul.

Fear would rather watch you think of something and then hide it away, dream of something and then discard it the moment you see or feel rejection.

Yeah, I've been rejected.  A LOT.

I have heard countless thoughtless comments on how unimportant creativity is.  How selfish it is to want to delve into something because I am drawn to it.  I have been ignored because I offer more of me and less of that plastic thing we call 'façade'.  Façade is safe and comfortable, we can see it and nod our heads at it.  We know it is that thing that protects that person and us from doing that thing called 'real'.  We don't want 'real' so at least we can agree to stay at a distance.

You there.

Me here.

And there is always a choice.  

Fear wants you to sleep in, past the inspiration, past the will to reach for more until you realize the day is almost over and you missed it.  You missed. it.

2016 is not about missing it.

2016 is about finding it.

Exposing it.

So I am not saying we can't admit to our fears.

Fears are real.

Fears are there.

Fears are made to be the springboard into what we are made to do. 

So whatever is new to you, is new is new is new.

Nothing is new to fear

And nothing is new to courage. 

It's all relative.  it's all apart of the game.  


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