3 Signs You Might Be Dealing with Doubt, and Not Even Know It! | Sharlene Loveless


Recently I found myself at a “stalemate” in my wealth creation calling (also known as business).  Having a newborn might do that to ya, but realistically I knew it was more than that.  A few pity parties and sleepless nights later, I had to have a good hard look at what was really going on. True to my own teaching (ramblings), I had to look at what was REALLY going on and not just the symptoms of what was going on. I had to examine if I had any sub conscience beliefs or thought patterns that were contributing to this stand still.  Sure enough, I realized that my fatigue had made me susceptible to the spirit of doubt.  And more alarmingly, I hadn’t even noticed that this was going on for several months. Here are 3 signs to look for, and what to do about them:

1) Being asked to be relieved from your assignment (dream) prematurely.    

Looking for a “way out” of your current project /dream/vision can signal that you doubt God can finish what He starts.  You might have a lot going on in circumstances to justify your wanting to jump ship. Be careful not to change course just because the going gets rough. This is a strategy of the enemy using doubt to send you on a tailspin (wasting time) and keep you from your destiny.  Don’t fall for it!  The grass is not greener on the other side! Ask God to give you endurance and patience. He is faithful to answer every time. 


2) “I’ll believe it when I see it” type of inner dialogue.

Getting a little burnt out on the “breakthrough prophecies”? Every time you hear the “don’t give up your breakthrough is near” message do you cringe a little on the inside but smile on the outside?  Been there! This can be a very sneaky one because you know you’re SUPPOSED to stay strong and believe but the truth is deep down you are wrestling with skeptical thoughts. The key here is to be nice to yourself, you’re not a bad Christian for being a human!.  Just don’t dwell on this thinking, and take special attention to be hyper aware of guarding your thought life.  Don’t let these types of thoughts become justified either by your circumstances. Notice them as the spirit of doubt, combat the thought by dreaming of your desired outcome, and before you know it you will be walking in the gift of Faith again. 


3) Your creativity feels strained.

If you are finding it difficult to be your creative self, this is a sign of what I call “late-stage” doubt.  Remember, all of these problems are trying to do one thing, keep you away from your creator.  It’s easy to be creative when you walk closely with your creator, and the exception can prove the rule.  So if you’re finding it difficult to write, sing, play, or dream, take another look at your thought life and see if there is any self doubt that has crept in. Ask God to show you and then ask for an increase in creativity. That’ll teach that nasty spirit of doubt who not to mess with!!


Go forth in your health and wealth creation goals and leave the doubt behind!






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