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I rarely buy copies of Films any more but some are just must haves / keeps from the past.

From my collection For Autumn :

Julie & Julia

Because Meryl Streep is truly a legend and a brilliant performer.  Hands down.  No contest.  Watching her embody Julia Childs and depict part of her life and persona is a never ending joy.  This is a film worth watching all year round but I have a tendency to want to watch movies centred around food during the holiday season.  Tasty treats and meals are in abundance this time of year and there is nothing like a good laugh and inspiration for your own dining experiences. 

The Princess Diaries

Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews.  For any melinnial this film. was iconic.  I can sit and quote it for days:  "GET OFF THE GRASS" to "Thank-you for being here today."  to "Can we 86 the flags?  I don't want to cause a riot with this hearse" , "ME?  A , a princess?  SHUT UP!"  ... it literally is endless.  It's that back to school feeling and everything nostalgic of our own school days wishing we were as cool and grounded as Mia Thermopolis and had a tower in our bedroom with a fire pole to slide down.  And a fat cat called Louis.  Although maybe now that I live in a loft and have a fat cat called Kitty is close enough! 

Jane Eyre

As I said in the Autumn books post, Jane Eyre is my all time favourite story and read.  The same goes for here.  As far as classic movie adaptations go, I am a sucker for this one. This was a Mini Series with Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens.  I can't get myself to enjoy any other version but this one.  Ruby and Toby both completely embody the characters of Jane and Mr.Rochester and I can't shake the mystery and ultimate chill that this version leaves me with.  A great suspense and psychological thriller with chemistry that is perfection.

Downton Abbey 

I purchased season one before Netlix came to Canada and now don't have to reach far to watch all the episodes on repeat.  Stunning imagery, ensemble cast, and a beautiful historical drama starting at the sinking of the Titanic and it's direct affects on this particular British family.  Michelle Dockery along with every other actor is amazing.  Biritsh shows are wonderful to get into in the coming months to the holidays and Christmas as they always love to put on Christmas specials and highlight the seasonal times.  Pour some tea and enjoy every quip from Dame Maggie Smiths' character.  All sass and posh.

Gilmore Girls

Everyone knows Gilmore Girls is best watched in the Autumn.  It is everything cozy, throw back Thursday, and references that will make your head spin.  Lauren Graham keeps us our toes and Alexis Bledel gives us a female teen who loves books, food and coffee as much or even more than she loves boys.  Priorities people.  Priorites. 


Other films:
Ghost Busters - Both new and old
Autumn in New York - For the cry fest
Fly Away Home - Because Canadian Geese / Jeff Daniels in his underwear...
Meet Me in St. Louis - Judy Garland singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas...
Pocahontas - The nature...
The Blind Side - Every Thanksgiving feeling

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