2017 | Spring

Spring Planning.  Bullet Journal. 2017

Spring Planning.  Bullet Journal. 2017

It's not a secret that this is my favorite time of year.  For me, Spring is reflective of a renewed mind, body and spirit.

Having expierenced two young deaths this winter in my own broader social circle, I realize that Spring may be painful to those around me.  It marks the continuation of living without.  It creates a point in time where everything alive is thriving and everything not alive, has passed.

But I'd like to think there is hope in spring.  Hope that there can be beauty after pain.  Hope that deep sorrow can be planted in this fresh soil and bring forth something, anything.  Anything to remind us that our grief is of value.

I am moved to deeply pray for those of us who know this pain, that we allow ourselves to be renewed again and again.  That we live as quiet reminders for those in the midst of the pain.

We need to be mindfully aware of what we are planting for those around us.  What will they see in our secret little garden? 

Spring's renewal in me:

MIND | Exploring the Film and Television Industry and claiming my value as a writer and creator has opened a 'Secret Garden' for me. I feel like Mary Lennox asking for her 'little bit of earth' and starting to see her garden grow.   I want to stay as hungry for learning, for inspiration and work as I feel now.

BODY | Enjoying the slow exploration of a beauty/hygiene routine.   Mindfully learning about products that I can use, or proper routines for skin care is becoming a meditation.  Slowly applying a hydrating night cream as I contemplate the days blessings and struggles.  

SOUL | Maintaining habits that are good for my overall wellness.  Sleep routines, healthy eating, quiet time, turning my phone off... simple daily check ins that are allowing me to thrive and strive in my life.  Underestimating the power of healthy habits is proving to be a misstep.