UPDATE | Power Hours


Power hour.  

An hour set aside to collectively, or solo work through items of a project / work to create movement and flow in a short period of time.

This is how one does it.

1. Show up.


The real struggle is in the first step.  Show up.  Just show up for yourself to do this.

2. Set the timer.

One solid hour.  Sixty Minutes of focus.  It's a thing.

3. Take no more than 2 minutes to make a list.


Seriously, don't think hard about it, write down everything you can think of and the moment you have to stop to think about 'one more thing', Stop.  The hour isn't worth anything that is not on the top of your mind. 

4. Power through


Make the decisions, the calls, the scheduling and do don't let fear stop you.  How?  Accept that you may make the wrong decision, you may rush it or it might not be right.  Decide that the task doesn't match your values and cross it off.  Who cares.  You did something.

5. Listen to the timer.


Once the sixty minutes is up.  Stop.  You did it.  

Don't overthink this process. 

Less is ALWAYS more.  



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