LIFESTYLE | 2017 So Far


Well over half way through 2017 it's time to take pause and reassess how the year and it's lifestyle goals have progressed.

"Carefully curate lifestyle choices to reflect who I am."  - Winter 2017 Post.

In all things, there are some choices we/I have made that have boosted our living and others that have not.

Lifestyle Lessons So Far

  1. If your gut says something isn't for you.  It is NOT for you.  Nerves and gut are two different things.  Discern the difference and act accordingly.
  2. Having a full fridge of produce will never be a bad thing.  
  3. Invest in any kitchen tool that you will use for your health.
  4. Sleeping habits are different for everyone.  Even kids.  Plan travel around the habits.  Everyone will be happier in the long run. (especially the main care giver of a child)
  5. It really does feel better to pay off a debt as soon as possible.  
  6. Always go back to childhood loves. (for me, reading, music, film and television, the beach,)
  7. Let go of anyone willing to criticize you in front of others.  Pass the Grace and move on.
  8. Know your top five values and keep them high in your mind.
  9. What you focus on, so do the little ones.  (smoothie drinker, book worm, family cuddles, outdoor walks.)


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