Change Like You're Fearless

Embracing change is a habit that is hard to wear.  We like our routines, our rituals and our safe places and we keep them like religious practices. 

What is normal and comfortable to us, is how we so often define our being, as a person.

I was slammed with this at an early age.  Twenty years old and I already had professors calling me out.

"This is how I am."  I would say.  Knowing and able to explain all the reasons why I am the way I am.

"That is a selfish answer and you won't pass this program if you keep acting like you can't move past these things."  Was her response.  She was a hard core woman who knew I had a long way to go before I could graduate with this title 'Interpreter'.

I didn't know it then, but I know it now.

She wasn't accepting my 'fear' as a right for me to stay the same.

Because anyone who says "I just have to say this,"  "This is just the way I am," , "Its the only way I know how to be."  Those are the responses of a life kept in fear.

Fear Limitations

Because fear holds us back from seeing past our limitations.

Trust me.

Fear doesn't want you to win.

Fear doesn't want you to see another way of being, saying, acting or showing.  Because it likes you the way you are.  No change, no growth, no perspective.

Change comes around the corner and your reaction is all you have.  You can't stop change but you react to it and it's either you reacting with your fear or your ability to see past fear.

Fear is the root of almost every negative reaction.  

That little nugget of truth right there should be on blast the next time you respond, explain or require a reaction from another.

Fear is the underlying theif that likes to sneak in and take your freedom away.  It tells you to rely on your crutches and your insecurities and it tells you that you will always, without fail, be the way you are.

But we weren't made to be enslaved to 'the same'.  We weren't made to be frozen in our tracks.  We were given more than that from the day we were conceived and it's time that we accepted the ability to move past ourselves.

We need to change like we are fearless.

We need to grasp renewal of the mind daily.

Like a watch you put on to remind you of the time.

Put on a watch that ticks fearlessness instead of minutes.

We were made for more than fear.

So go and get your fearlessness and jump into change like it's a pool of tropical water that was waiting just for you.