It's Official...Less IS More

A less is more kind of morning....

A less is more kind of morning....

Let's face it:  We are afraid.  

We are afraid of losing.  It's a humanity thing.  We gather and gather and gather until we have a nice pile of our 'ness' around us and then we sit next to it and twiddle our thumbs and think about what's missing.

Did you just catch that?

Did you just see how endless that is? It is an endless search for whatever it is that we 'don't' have.   Because I guess the pile of crap we're sitting on isn't enough, so we have to go out and gather some more.  

More friends, more retweets, more music, more money, more clothes more, more, more, more.

And then what?

There is no answer to this because you don't, you won't, you can't and you couldn't.

So freaking stop it with the hauls!  The endless amount of hauls we do.  Hauling more friends, more things and more memories.

What about 'who you are is enough'!  Why not haul that for a change?

Haul yourself!

Get your life! 

And that means some hard core purging to get to the haul of you.

Go inside your own protected castle of you and starting clearing out all those boxes that have hidden you.  You gotta haul yourself this time because ain't nobody gonna go and get you out of your mass protected pile of 'whatever-it-is-you-have'.

What this is coming down to, isn't that I am all 'Oh we gotta do some New Years January Ass kicking cleaning' ...cause we can do that.  We can tidy our rooms, our friends, our social life up so it looks like it shines.  Anyone can do that within a day.

It comes down to a real deep solid life purge.

Clear out:

  • Your living space
  • Your closet
  • Your media
  • Your social life
  • Your relationships
  • Your mental state
  • Your emotional state
  • Your spiritual state
  • Your physical state

What are you left with?

Just you.

Thats when you can focus on hauling yourself.

And I mean some badass hauling.  Go and get that food that will make your body happy and strong.  Go and get those clothes that look like you and not just a version of some commercial you just saw.  Go and get that music that makes you shiver and quake.  Go and cultivate those people who bring out the real raw you. 


NO MORE & NO LESS than what you need.

Because Less is More, and a closet full of clothes is not going to define you.

You define yourself by your own ability to see yourself without it all.

It's legitimately official now.  Less is More.

So go and get it!