Let it be Healing


There isn't enough time spent on the ways in which we need to rest.  Need to heal.  

We are walking hearts who experience any manner of things in the run of a day.  It's not to say that we can't handle it, but it is to say, that we play possum to the amounts of blows we take.  We keep on going without a deep moment to process. 

And sometimes life happens and we get blown out of our reverie and healing is but the only thing we have left. It's painful.  

There is a process and a waiting for healing that doesn't seem to make sense to our instant-living type of lives.  The process of healing a broken heart can, in the midst of it all, be the most torteourus recovery.  The process of healing our bodies can be, in the midst of it all, an intricate complex journey.  

Yet there is a process that needs to occur for the healing to take place.   

We need to break first.  In order for us to recover, we need to submit our bodies, our spirits and our hearts to being broken and that is often the side of ourselves that we hate to see.  That we are fragile and capable of falling to pieces.  It's humbling, scary and almost unbelievable.  

But thats the truth of it.

We break.

We break, because we were made to reach for healing not just once in a while, but everyday.  We are everyday broken and everyday need to grasp for the healing we need.

This may be hard to swallow because it seems like an ode to the broken, the lost and the physically undone.  But it's for you.  The strong, the invisible, the confident and the happy.  Because you need this too.  Believe it or not, you need to let it be healing.

I say "Let it be healing" because I mean the any manner of things that you run into today, this week, this month, this year.  Let this be the time that you don't shy away from facing what you aren't strong in.

Healing occurs slowly, and we can only know it has happened once we look back.  So while you inspect your brokenness do not be discouraged, for seeing a break, a tear, an open wound, a scab...whatever it is you discover, you need to let those things stay open to the process one day at time.  

So let your moments, experiences, and circumstances open you up to the rest of the healing you need.  

It's an everyday thing.

So let it be healing.