Let Recovery Be

There is nothing like giving birth that brings one to a whole new level of awareness of life.  Life is a treasured and powerful force.  It comes on strong and it doesn't let up until it has completed it's story.   With every contraction my body took over the span of 12 hours, I was intrinsically aware of how powerful the journey I was on is.  The words that spun around in my mind as I breathed and focused were many, but among them the phrase 

"These are the precious moments our lives are made of."  A simple phrase I stumbled upon while watching weekly pregnancy videos and how true they are. 

The journey of life is precious and there are times where we submit to the force of it all and sink into each wave as it comes, and then, there are times we rest.  We rest in the pure and sweet shallow waters of a resting pool.

Recovering from anything is when we need to be retreating into those shallow waters.  The quiet and safe places we find in the everyday.   Those places are an individualisitic expierence and what heals one, may not heal another.

Learn your places.  The quiet places of rest.  A library, a field, a bedroom, a skating rink, a dance floor, a beach...

For me?  The ocean and it's off shore breeze.  My home and it's small peaceful rooms.  My bed at night with it's cool sheets and a husband who holds me close.  My yoga mat and it's welcoming colours as I stretch tired limbs.  

No matter the places, the whys or the hows, recovery isn't a process overnight.  Recovery is a journey and we can't rush it.

When a spirit needs rest and space, we must nurture that and protect that.  We must be the guardians of a spirits' need to recalibrate and reset.  Because the push and pull of this world will never heal, but tear.  But the peaceful rest of a spirit lead recovery will stitch up the wounds of the broken.


I have emerged from a week of guarded rest after childbirth and have bonded deeply with a husband and a daughter.  We have gathered precious moments that were not rushed but expierenced deeply.  Sleepless nights have been had, and tired lungs have wailed but the space we created around us has developed into a passionate love affair and a healing environment for our spirits. We are bonded closer, tighter and deeper.  This is the journey aspire to.  

Let us emerge slowly and gradually from our recovery as a chyrsalids process and watch us flourish as we spread our wings.


A process.