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Throughout my life I have been told countless times
"You need to slow down."
"Take your time.  Don't rush."   
"Stop doing so much."  
"You need to take a break."  
"Put your life on hold for now."
"Don't expect to be able to do it all right now."

These words suffocate my spirit.  Leaving me feeling misunderstood and unseen.

So I reach for the truth.
Those statements were not the truth of me.  
The truth is what God has been whispering to me this whole year.

"Know your places.  
Claim your ground.  
Sink into them.  
Be so entrenched in it, that what is not for you to carry will fall away."  

This is the lesson of this year.

I still manage to worry again and again.
"What will they think?  
Did I dissapoint them?  
Will they understand?  
How can I fix it?  
What if I am wrong?  
What if I didn't get it right?"

And that's when God fills my lungs with fresh air and reminds me.  

"Just breathe.
Be where you are at.
With me.
With your purpose.
Show up to your living,
I will show you how to navigate.
Just Breathe"

I am learning what it means to be that woman who is busy making art and may not show up to everything.  Who is dedicated to raising her little and yet equally dedicated to the quiet rest it takes to make both words and person.  I am learning to breathe and accept that what some find easy, I will find hard and what some find hard I will find easy.  That I may not be the woman cooking the family a meal, but I am the woman laying in her daughters crib for an hour just to make memories, cuddle and connect.  I may not be the woman who gets every birthday card written, but I am the woman who notices the little things and goes deep quick.  I may not breathe like someone else, but I breathe with the air God has given me, and that is the place I want to be.

Just breathing. 


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