Live in Wonder


Welcoming a newborn into our lives has been a magical and wonderful experience.  I say wonderful in the purest form of the word.  Wonder has caught us both as we watch this life exalt her lungs to the world, her eyes shut in pure rest, chest moving up and down with sleeping grunts, and hands gripping the sides of my breasts as she takes nutrience in deep gulps.  

Her eyes open and 'wonder' has been a word used when they gaze into the bigness of them.  She exudes this calm wonder when she takes it all in and how could we not be moved?

A Daddy calmly and patiently  deals with her cries and a momma works hard to keep this wellness going,  

Daddy sings the blues as he makes a dinner with his daughter in pouch and she'll quiet for him because he's the best one and she knows it.

Momma greets the day on a yoga mat nurturing a body that gave for ten months.

The two are a team and havn't found that the solo has ever worked for them, so they have teamed up and created space for these changes.

Created the space to live in wonder.   

They havn't rushed this and wouldn't dare.  They've seen what rushing the changes have done to their spirits.  They have been rash, wreckless and thoughtless in the past changes and now?  Now they have learned that settling in wonder together is better, bonding and beautiful.

It may seem irrelevant this baby thing to your life story, but the wonder stays true.

When you deal with the new, you're dealing with the core of who you are and that deserves wonder.

Living in wonder means you are taking the time to breathe in the moment of the day and not rushing the discoveries.  You embrace the moments as they come and you are not worried about what others may think of your journey.

Your journey is unique and when you live in the wonder moments, you are living well, full and free.