Loving the Right & the Wrong

It isn't that we should lay down and be doormats to the loving process.  It isn't that we should take our beating hearts and throw it across a field like a football and expect it to be caught.  And it isn't that we should take our good intentions and heartfelt words and expect the wind to take them where they should go.

It isn't that.

It is something else.

We love wrong all the time.

It's not that we wanted to.  Not that we planned to.  It happened the way loving wrong does.  It slips out of our hands and we don't notice until someone else finds and shows it.  Sometimes, we stay in all that denial.  It couldn't be our love that was left there, we wouldn't do that.  We aren't that kind of wrong loving type of person.


It doesn't change the truth.

You left love where it didn't belong.

How do we recover from all that wrong loving?

Wrong loving is only healed by right loving.

Loving the brokenness.

Loving the healing.

Loving the way God has to piece back together all the broken pieces of our mistaken places.

Do we deny the real?

No.  Because wrong loving is as real as right loving.

Never accept the words "but it wasn't real."

It was.

And you bled that real on the floor and that ain't blood stained denial.

That's blood stained reality.

I hear too much of the doubts of a recovery process.  It's bleak, they did too much.  They are broken too bad.  I can't look at them this way.




Look at that brokenness straight in the face and don't break eye contact.  That is beauty, that is love, and that is real.  You can't deny that real, once we give it a good acknowledgment, because the more you look, the more you see yourself reflected in their eyes.  

We are all just as broken in different ways and Loving it Out, means to stop the judging, stop the criticizing and start the loving.

Love them for their mistakes, love them for their darkness and you will find that as you love your soul heals faster and changes in a way that makes your movements in life like a dance.

And we dance in right love because thats what dance does, it dances in the light of glory and grace.

Loving the Right means Loving the Wrong.