October 2014

For some reason this particular night stands out amongst the many.  It was a night pre scheduled to accommodate the Halloween Friday that was to be our night.  An earlier week in the month than what we are used to.  This was the week we needed this most.

In many ways, all these women are growing from where they started.  They are glowing with progress and even new faces seem to have come from places of experience and an understanding for the 'hard worker' one has to be in this world.


As sold out as we all are on our crafts, we sighed a huge relief at the stories that came from around the table.  An architect-to-be made and poured us tea as we realized that it is 'balance' we crave.  And the process to find it is at times, brutal.

"What keeps you motivated to keep going?"  Is all I had to ask.

A deluge of insecurities, rediscovery and self identity was bounced off each other.

A Writer-Mom-to-Be , I soaked in the truth of discovering the self again and again.  

I think we all felt it, because there was something that settled this time around.  Something deep and that resonated with the core of us.  What one shared was like the heart beat of another.  Sometimes, it is possible to sit down and relate.  Sometimes even the pregnant writer can understand the artist.  And sometimes the artist can relate to the photographer.  

It's just how it is when you open yourself up to relating.  

So heres to more relating to each other and more nights of us around the table and trying our hardest to work through finding the rest of us through and around our work. 

The CreativesAmy LaiComment