Wellness Wednesday: Real Relationships


We've created lists of 'friendships' on our phones, our Facebook, our instagram, our twitter.  We have connections like a spider web.  We weave in and out of each others lives and leave our silky wet trail behind us.  All our thoughts and parts of us we have shared are left behind.  We leave them like a lost and forgotten string of 'self'.

We have family and friends all combined in the 'acquaintances' and when we pass them by do we ever think to ask them about how they are truly doing before we jump into our 'self'?  Do we stop our endless string of 'show' before we sit and listen?

There are seasons of times when we are socializing and doing the 'out there' thing, and then there are seasons that stop us from this 'connecting' type life and then what?  We let social media do the talking and we expect the blanks to be filled in with all the fluff we throw around like it's normal to share fluff and not substance. 

Why do we let this 'insecurity' stop us from connecting to those we love most?  We do we retreat when we most really need to press in?

Reasons reasons... so many reasons.  We throw them out there and we struggle to be real in a façade world.

I'll tell you what I want you to hear and not whats in my heart.

I'll show you the best moments and not the worst.  

But show it all.

Tell it all.

Because wounded hearts bleed together best and those broken spirits need to walk amongst the trash in order to see the beauty.

This must be a plea that I feel arise in my heart.

I crave that real family.  That real broken family that walks on each others toes and finds words for the pain and can bleed together instead of apart. 

I crave that real friendship that tells it like it is and isn't afraid of being seen scared or hurt.  

I crave that real swinging front door that stays unlocked and shows a home of music, laughter, food and communing.

Communing with each other because social media was turned off and our hearts were turned on.