Unbox 2015 .... Like You Might Actually Find Something


The calendar is starting new this first full week and there isn't a soul on this earth who can tell you what you need to put in it.  People sledge hammer their way through this life and through our weeks.  Go here, do that, make time for this and don't forget I need you to...

The calendar is full of boxes.  January has 31 boxes and only twenty-four boxes left.  

Our calling goes beyond the box of a day, beyond the needs of others and beyond the labels that people slap on our days as if it's theirs.

Your days are not anyone else's but yours and the One who created your days. 

It's a limited life that we have lived with our boxes and our square instagrams telling our moments within the confines of a simple shape.  Life is beyond the shapes, beyond the upcoming and the unknowing.

This is the time to make your calendar a different shape.  Metaphorically I mean, because the squares aren't really the problem.  The problem is us.  How we let them define us and create us into walking squares of limitations.

This is the week we let our squares lose their shape and we become who we were meant to be.  What we want for 2015 that is beyond our boxes and our limited world view.

I'll start:

Amy Grace - 2015

  • Create a life that welcomes baby without the sacrifice of personal identity
  • Purchase new home that fits our desires and needs
  • See growth & maturity in work 

These sound all vague and pretty right?  So I'll redefine it because what I actually mean is this:

  • Being 'Amy' before 'Mama' will keep your feet on the ground.  You know this, so live it.  Shake off others expectations of 'mama-hood' because you are your own version of 'mama'.  
  • Don't settle for a house just because you need one.  Yes, you need one, and that nature, ocean spray home is out there.  So go and get it, and don't think you can't.
  • Friggen, just blast work on loud this Winter and don't stop there.  You glow when you work so you just keep it glowing, because becoming a mama is going to be the best thing for your word pocket and life. 

Thats what it looks like.  To burst through the box.  It means to get down and honest with the depth of you and then take the limitations off and put the gloves on.  

Stop tidying up your days with 'appropriate wording' and just 'get real'.

Tear down your life so God can build you back up.  Yeah, I said God... because no matter who you think made your beating heart, you've got one and that heart needs to be tended this year.  And hearts aren't stored in a box.  They are stored inside your unique shape.

So break down your limitations of what's possible and start 2015 with limitations on what's impossible.




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