Upside Down Social Media

What if social media was more than just a representation of what we wanted people to see?  What if we actually expressed our true selves and then sent each other full grace and full love in return?


What if there was a "Giving Love" button?

What if there was a "Sending Grace" button?

What if there was a "Forgiveness" button?

What if there was a button you clicked that hovered over every text, photo, video and emoji that was called "Transparency" and when you clicked it, you actually saw what was underneath all those words, that face, that moment, those sounds, that icon?  

Life has a timeline and we forget this in our very caught-up-with-our-phones type-of-world.  The instant connection has a way of messing up our sense of forwardness.  We either are thinking about now, or scrolling back through the images and posts of 'before'.  

That 'before' has a way of skewing our identity and making us believe that there is always another person with a better post, another picture from our past that says it better, another tweet to retweet and another pin to find that may D.I.Y. us into a better place. 

Someone is always going to be out there, sitting on their own experiences and ready to tell you what you have to brace yourself for.  They are ready to tell you the worst of their timeline because that's what is easier to do now.  We live in a 'high lights' world where the only moments that we allow ourselves to dwell on are the ones with enough reposts, likes, thumbs up or hearts. What about the other moments?  The ones that went unnoticed, untagged, unhearted, unpinned and unsaid?

Remember those days?

That time you did something and never tweeted it out, because it was too shameful?

That time that quote was posted on his wall that meant everything to you and nothing to anyone else, yet liking it wasn't an option you had?

That time that a picture was deleted off of Facebook because the memories hurt too bad?

That time someone made that quick comment beside you and you felt your heart lurch to the ground with despair?

The time you stopped uploading because the uploads were fake and you knew it?

Remember those days?

Those are the moments in our history that speak for the forward motion of how dates and days actually work.  They are all inclusive and don't hide, don't lie and don't pretend to be naive to the present, the past or the future.

If social media was turned upside down, we might actually see something worth sharing, worth reposting, worth responding to.  It might actually be a representation of realness and wholeness.  

Because you can't get wholeness in your life unless you get real first.  And real isn't hiding the trauma, the depression, the anger, the desperateness that lives on the inside of the posts.  

Real is exposing it.

Real is pressing a button under it that says:
"Sending Grace"   "Sending Love" , Sending "Mercy".

Because if I am honest, I am no more or less closer to the place you are in, than you are.  

That's the reality.

That's real.

We are all but one step away from wreckage.  One step away from destroying our lives.  

And social media has a way of allowing us to hide from this truth.  What if we just turned it upside down and shook things up a bit?

Could you handle it?