Wellness Wednesday: Live


Spiritual Wellness

Stale.  Bored.  Listless.  Apathetic.  

Day in.  Day out.

Is this what life should be?

When life becomes stale, we have compromised with our spirits.

We have said 

"This is just the way it is."

Life can pass us a mind numbing drug.  Be it a job to make ends meet, a relationship that keeps us from being alone, a new item to sit on our shelf.  Another episode of a TV show to entertain our emptiness.

I am saying no.

No to the emptiness and the apathy that we settle for. 

Say no to any action that takes us away from living a passion filled life.

What habits, routines, lifestyle choices keep you away from your passions?  What lies have you let yourself believe about life?

Stand up, wake up and shake it off.