Wellness Wednesday: Breathing


Emotional Wellness

The thing that blew us out of the water was not the wee baby we brought into the world this May, but the everything else.

The tiny wee one we love so much just made life brighter ... yet somehow life got clouded.  Clouded by all the work, decisions, expectations and misunderstandings.

We started watching the days we thought would be family bliss become days of rushing from this to that.

No time.

No breathing room.

Barely able to meet up for groceries.

And in all that rush, all that work there is a band that can only stretch so far before it snaps.

Where is that snap?

Is it in the necessary moments of groceries, gas and budgeting?  Or the extra moments of birthdays, parties and visits?

Either way we need to breath.  We need to let life flow through us so we can continue walking, moving and dancing.  

Identifying our limitations are key to being able to breath free, breath proper and breath with purpose.

What are your limitations?  What is stopping you from breathing?