Wellness Wednesday: Inspired


Intellectual Wellness

Sometimes the well is dry.  There is a drought and we are thirsty.  

Thirsty for a new move.  Thirsty for more than just a new episode of jeopardy to keep us lively.  A new episode of anything is the least of what we should be living for.

And yet.  Our land is dry.  We are the dry land.  Listless, bored and tired of seeing pictures of someone elses' life that we think we want.

We THINK we want.  Really...we want our life.

A life we have been given for a purpose.  A life full of what we were made for.

Let's dig into the earth around us and open our eyes to what can inspire us to dance again.  There is a reason why we are surrounded by these things, those people and live in that place.  Dig into it.  Maybe you'll be inspired to let your roots grow deep where you stand.  And maybe you'll be inspired to pick up your leaves and walk.  Either way....dig deep.

Go past the bottom of the well and into the damp rich soil around you.  It was put there for you.

Be inspired and let it spring you forth out of the chair and into living a life that was made for you.

What atmosphere can you sink into that will inspire you?  Where are you dry?  What excites you?  What habit have you let into your life that distracts you from being inspired with living?