Wellness Wednesday: Positivity


Emotional / Relational Wellness

When life goes awry what do we reach for?

I was thrown into the thick of things the last few months.

Sometimes we need space.  Sometimes we need help.  And all of the time, we need a good dose of positivity.  

Surrounding ourselves with that and those who feed into a positive life is essential to maintaining balance during a turbulent time. 

On our own, we are enough negativity.   We hold all the worry, negative thought process, guilt and shame.  It's time for us to open our eyes and seek out that and those around us who will feed into us positively.  

Empathy and a listening ear are priceless, but our need to rehash and retell the negative to hear it is a selfish act.

We are caught in a vortex that speaks death over our lives and it feels good.  A catharses for our 'pride'.   "Look at me, see me, notice little me." 

We are called to be more.

We are called toSpeak real.  Speak truth.  Speak out of the pit.  

May we be that for those around us, and have the discernment to know when we should be reaching for the light in the dark.

Positivity doesn't mean ignoring the brokenness, it means hearing the broken and feeding into the life.

Where can we act in positive ways this week?  Who has spoken life into our lives?   

Speak out of the dark and into the light.