White on White


Here on the East Coast, it is white.

Like a new duvet cover our world has been blanketed.  Not just once, but over and over again.

For some, this is suffocating.  To be layered upon layered with white.

For me?  This is miraculous.  

No matter how many negative posts come out about our weather I am still smiling with my wilted tulips that I just had to say goodbye to.  Because Spring WILL come.  It does every year, and no matter how much weather we get in any season, there will be complaining.

It's too muggy.

It's too hot.

It's too cold.

It's too rainy.

It's too slushy.

It's too....

The city of Halifax has miraculously avoided many tragedies in the past few months.  One specifically in a public place which could have been devastating.  

Think of that.

Think of our soldiers away in hot countries who would give anything to be back in their snowed in homes, with their spouses and children.  Shovels instead of weapons. 

Think of the farmers whose land is getting the most rejuvenating moist giving season this year.  That we might actually profit from the lands white on white covering.


I hope the snow continues for as long as it needs to.  Because white on white might actually be what our land needs.  Because weather comes and weather goes and what is left is still you.

You are still the same person with or without the white.  If you are anxious for Spring, you will still be anxious when it arrives.  Because once Spring weather is here and all the rain douses our land, and the frost covers our tulips during a flash freeze, we'll be complaining then too.  

What is our problem that we can be in one of the most beautiful places on earth with all it's entitlements and still find reasons to be discontent?

I'll let winter sing a bit longer so I can learn patience, joy and rest in all this white it has layered on me.