Words Matter


Here's the thing.

Words do matter.

We throw them around here and there and although we think our words are our own, they have life past our mouths.

I caught myself just yesterday throwing words around to the best friend, trying to describe thoughts that I was carrying.  All my opinions and concepts being formulated as I spoke and I cringed.

I cringed because I heard the words fly out and have a life past me that encouraged criticism.

I despise criticism.

I think of myself as highly aware of critical language that destroys life.  I pride myself in the awareness of the toxic words that fly around.  I see myself as a Katniss in the word world.  Bow and arrow in hand, ready to shoot at whatever is fake, unreal and untruthful. 

And there I was supposing that just because I wanted to "express myself" that I had a right to spout words out into the air that could cut like a knife.

I did check myself.

I did backtrack, but I also walked away from that conversation with a sense of disappointment over my lack of sensitivity.

So I am calling myself out today.

Wellness is about words too. 

And I want you to be well.

I want to be well alongside you.

I want to see us thrive and yes, I want to be truthful and call out the dark bits that we allow to walk in-between us, and I want to do that with a grace that catches our breath and makes us want to stand together.

I want to stand with you.  With words that matter.