Wellness Wednesday: Captivation


Spiritual Wellness:

I was arrested here.  Brought back to and aligned with the spiritual side of me.  

We all have it.  A side that yearns for the part of this world that is all things abundance, growth, wonder and beauty.  Here in this moment by these stone steps: 


Captivation is the key to awakening your spiritual wellness.  What captivates you?  What arrests you in a moment and makes you pause?  Can you remember the last time you were captivated and felt that stirring.  That yearning that this world has more for you than the mundane?

The Creator wants to give you more, to captivate you by the beauty of this life that you breathe.  Yet it is so easy to miss, amidst the notions and commotions of the day to day.  

Open your eyes today, this week, this month.  Keep ready for a moment that captivates you, and sink into it.  Sink deep into the waters of your spirit.  Listen to it.  What is the whisper that tries so hard to cry out?