Everything has a title.  Everything has a name of some kind.  

Anything that is a story has a title, and every title is attached to a story.  Titles can be hard to find, and fear of the 'thing' to be titled is the reason that projects and stories alike stay un-done.  Untitled.  

©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

Untitled is a lack of commitment, a fear of what the 'it' contains.

Lack of commitment.  

A reason for any relationship or project breakdown.  

Stare at a blank screen, knowing...deep down, that to give 'this' a title means to commit to it.  And committing is hard, in fact, it is one of the hardest things to overcome.  If commitment was easy, then everyone would be perfect examples of success. 

Because to commit is success.  Success isn't acknowledgment or to be known for a piece of work.  It is the commitment to the inspiration that landed in your mind and spirit.  It is the denial of fear and the ability to title what may seem scary to title that becomes the success.

byamygrace didn't happen overnight.  It was the inspiration of prodding over a long time, but committing to a title for this website has changed it's purpose, drive and focus.  

Titles bring clarity, and clarity brings hope.  Hope is the light which filters into ones spirit and all souls rejoice with hope.  It breathes free and wants to live.

So really, a title is about life.  

To be untitled is death.  Death of a project, death of a story.

Titled is life. 

To Title means it lives.

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