©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

Each of a pair of marks [ ] used to enclose words or figures so as to separate them from the context: symbols are given inbrackets.

Every writer (myself included) uses brackets.   It is a way to say something that is attached to the sentence, yet separate from the thought.  An on the side. 

What do we find inside our life brackets?


Enclosed in these pair of marks, separating self from the context is that deep, panic-filled anxiousness that what is being stated is not worth it.  A dark excuse to not continue.  To stop.

Having brackets to fall back into feels good (I is a comfort).  As a writer, it is the excuse, the explanation for giving up on the rest of the work.

There are a lot of people in this world living life just (inside the brackets).  There is a whole other part before and after the brackets that give the 'fear' and 'anxiousness' true meaning.

The growing pains of moving outside the brackets are strong but needed.  

Anxious is good, it means one is going somewhere.  

We all have moments of panic.  If panic is related to new work, a new idea or something that is just beginning, it is a symptom of moving forward.  Stop moving forward and the panic will go away.  

When you are panicked tell yourself, ‘Ah! Good sign. I am getting unstuck.’
— Cameron, J. (2002). Walking in This World.

Taking the first step on the Art Night project and posting it at the end of this week will be scary and a battle with anxious feelings has been had.  I must step out of my comfortable place (That spot on the couch with tea steaming, books piling, notebook and pen at reach) after witnessing the women who have attended these monthly gatherings grow, change and feel moved by the discussion.  I know that it has a purpose bigger than this living room.  

Taking Art Nights out of the brackets this week is a byamygrace labour of love and those involved in pushing this project forward are the very strong and supportive individuals we want to see connect to the growth of these nights, cirriculum and vision.  

Check the Art Night Link this weekend for an update on how Januarys Meeting went. 

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