Backspace, n.
1. a key on a typewriter or computer keyboard that causes the carriage or cursor to move backward.

Before cursers of a computer there was a carriage, before the carriage of a typewriter there was an eraser, and before the eraser of a pencil there was...

When one spoke, the words had a meaning and a weight.  When one wrote, those words too, had a meaning and a weight.  Why?

Language and communication is the foundation of any and all cultures.  It is the all encompassing of ‘how’ we relate to each other and convey that sense of 'relativity'. We long for relativity and understanding. It is innate within, and although, capable of being ignored, not a need that can be ignored without significant damage.

Feral children who grow without language and communication are the direct results from a need of ‘language/communication’ ignored or forgotten, or simply not known.
So why, in cultures and communities where everything had significant meaning to the life and breath of a people, have we now succumbed to 'backspace?'

Artists are too quick to backspace over their work.  "That wasn't it" they say.

Without second thought to the process.

They delete.

"Not worth showing” She says as she hides a canvas and eventually it lands in a dumpster heap.  As he quiets his singing voice and eventually it becomes voiceless.

We are a culture of 'Backspacing'.  We have gotten so used to editing out 'freeform' communication that suddenly words are void and lack meaning.  Promises are not promises but merely half hearted well wishes. 

And I have seen the destruction of "Backspace" in life.  Too many people have said and not done.  Smiled but not been sincere.

Where once a world was spun on the belief of the Word, now a world is disintegrating into the denial of the Word.

Words have weight.

Weight is in the Word.

Grasp it and don't backspace.

Say with meaning.

And wait for the meaning.

Soak in the meaning.

Give grace to the meaning.

Express without backspacing and let us see where that takes the work.

Amy LaiComment