©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

Draft, n.
1. a preliminary version of a piece of writing. A plan, sketch, or rough drawing
— oxforddictionaries.com

Being in the beginning of drafts for different projects means being in the 'beginning' stages.  The stages where talk seems pretentious and the end can seem far away.  

So let me tell you a secret because no one else is going to tell you.

Drafts are sexy.  Seriously, the most sexy!  A draft is like a chance meeting with a sudden whirlwind affair.  Not an illicit affair.   Those never end well, but the type of love affair that sends you into doing things you never thought you would, and suddenly, you fall head over heels you end up walking down the aisle.  Committing your heart and soul.

I know, I know.  Some of those commitment-phobes have already clicked to the next blog post.

 A love affair that turns into commitment?  

"No way!" they say as they move onto the next alluring project proposal.

They miss out on committing to something that would have been.

Should have been.

Could have been.


The best part of a project is when you are working on it.  The end is never as satisfying as working pell mell, chasing, running and trying to woo it, romance it into being. 

Drafts mean one doesn't have the answers nor the right set path to go about the project.  It means that one is often left with pieces of thoughts scattered about like an absent minded puzzle.  It takes the whole journey through to figure out how all the pieces fit together and that... is the mysterious allure of those who take on a project in drafts. 

It is an enticing sexy adventure that one should never shy away from.

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